Positive Affirmations Phone Backgrounds For You

Hi my beautiful loved ones, sending you all the love, light and joy to you today and always! I hope in this moment, you feel blessed, happy and at peace, knowing your own personal positive power and that you take that with you today, and create and live the happiest life for yourself. You have the power!

Today I am sharing with you some phone backgrounds I made over on Canva, you know how much I love a positive affirmation and I believe in the power of our words, that with our words, we create beautiful magicc for the highest good of all, and as mobile phones are pretty common in our day to day lives, what better way to keep our vibrations up, and ourselves feeling positive than by having a positive, uplifting and inspiring phone background to remind us of our beauty, magicc, and positive personal power everytime we go on our phone. Woop woop!

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So with that being said, I decided to create some positive affirmations phone backgrounds on Canva, I have shared some of these over on Insta, but I thought it would be a great idea to share them on the blog too. You can save these to your camera roll to keep as a phone background for yourself, or even to store in a ‘positive affirmations’ photo folder that you can look at whenever you feel!

I hope you love these backgrounds, and I hope you feel inspired to live your happiest life today. Love you!

I hope you love these!

What are your go to positive affirmations?

What would you like to positively affirm today?

Tell me something beautiful, what’s something good that has happened for you this week?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below,

sending lots of love,


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