London In Photos | Up At The O2, Sky Garden London + more

Hello beautiful being, how are YOU today? Today, I am back with a little travel style weekend in photos blog post, as I recently spent a girls weekend in London with two of my favourite besties! I cannot believe I met Dannii through blogging and now she is one of my best friends who I love getting together with! Being in the club with her felt surreal and like we’d taken our friendship to the next level! True friendship hehe! ❤️ but I get ahead of myself, as the club didn’t happen until Saturday night, and I went down to London on the Thursday with my best friend Emily. As I said, this is going to be a ‘weekend in photos’ blog post, so let’s start with the first few pictures of the trip that I’ll be sharing. Let’s go!

Best friends who adventure together, stay together.

Emily and I had booked onto the Up At The O2 climb, at of course, the O2 arena (side note, make sure you wear socks, they do provide you with shoes but you gottttt to wear socks hehe). Emily and I have visited the O2 a few times now, in 2019, we saw Cher and Little Mix perform here and this day, it was time for the climb. For more information on the Up At The O2 Climb, please click here.

The Up At The O2 climb is a really fun experience, one which allowed me to feel adrenaline and honestly, I was surprised by how much adrenaline I actually felt. Thankfully, our tour guide, Blessing, was so lovely and supportive, guiding me beautifully and ensuring she was there to reassure me and keep me calm. She’s amazing, as is Emily, who is supportive and loyal, and always makes me laugh! I love you gorgeous ❤

I definitely recommend the Up At The O2 climb, and I definitely hope to do this again, it was a lot of fun!

*Side note, I would always recommend booking your tickets in advance, as with most things, to ensure you get your tickets!

More photos from the climb!

After our climb at the O2, we decided to have a Nandos dinner (yum) then head back to our hotel for a chilled evening watching Love Island. Honestly the perfect way to end the day after a beautiful climb!

On the Friday, Emily and I had booked to visit the Sky Garden.

The Sky Garden is a free to enter attraction, with three bars and two restaurants (thanks google / Sky Garden website), granting the visitor fun views of London, and overall from my experience, it’s a very chilled way to spend some time in London, check out some views and spend time with loved ones.

It’s definitely advised, and mostly required that you do book your tickets in advance for the Sky Garden, and you can find out more information here. For more information on the restaurants, click here.

Me & my beautiful bestie!
Full disclosure – these photos except for the selfie with Emily have had their vibrancy turned UPPPP! 😍

Side note- can I just say, I really do believe nature is sex for the soul. So good 😛😛😛

We spent – if memory serves correctly – around a couple of hours at the Sky Garden. I had two drinks of coke, so it was pretty chilled, we sat down for a bit, chatted, took photos and had a wander. Very chilled! ❤️

After the Sky Garden, we took a stroll and ended up near the St Paul’s Cathedral area. We stopped off at GBK and I ordered some fries and some ice cream, afterwards we were going to continue our stroll but the weather was BIG time raining, we decided to head on over to the O2 arena area once the rain had calmed down a little to take a ride on the Emirates Airline Cable Cars, we considered heading over to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park but it was much further than we thought, so after one ride on the cable car from the O2 to the other side (whilst listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘London Boy’), we just took a cable car straight back again!

On the cable car ❤️
Cable Car Vibes

That evening, we had tickets for a night bus tour around London! The ‘See London By Night Bus Tour’ ❤️ the bus picked us up just by The Ritz, and we enjoyed a fun evening taking in some of London’s sights and history on the tour. I do love a bus tour and this was really cool to enjoy during the night time whilst it was dark 😍 so fun!

I don’t have any photos from the See London By Night Bus Tour to share, but it was a fun adventure and I would definitely recommend and do it again myself.

Wrapping up this blog post with the ‘See London By Night Tour’, I of course still have my photos from my Saturday and Sunday from this trip to share with you, so stay tuned for part 2!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post,

have you ever visited London?

Have you enjoyed any of the activities mentioned in this blog post before?

What positively exciting things have you got coming up in your life? What are YOU looking forward to? I want to hear all that good stuff, be sure to let me know.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love,


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  1. I remember seeing this on Instagram! It sounded and looked like an amazing trip! I am so grateful for blogging and that it has brought such amazing people into my life, like you! It is a true gift! ❤


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