I bless my body | Poetry

Tastebuds to taste
Sicilian lemon cheesecake
And legs which free me to wander
Eyes that light up
As I see all Who I love
Which lift
With a smile

Hands that allow me
To trace poetry and joy
On the skin of all I adore
Fingers on trees
Connect with nature as I breathe
Feet feeling free
In the soil

Hair that brings pleasure
As lovers run their fingers through
My body
My sensuality
The way that I move
With my truth
All my Glory

My body
The joy that it gives
The life
It frees me to live
My brain
My heart
My skin
My organs
So infinitely

I bless my body

As we all celebrate our own bodies, we all have our own reasons to give thanks for our Temples. Even if your body is different to mine, if we have different reasons to give thanks, there is always a reason to celebrate our own bodies, and the bodies of one another. We are ALL magnificent. Lots of love ❤️

Have a blessed day!

What do YOU love about you? Tell me, I want to celebrate!

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  1. Our bodies are amazing. The fact that we can experience so much is such a gift. Often all the joy and things we can experience go unnoticed by many including myself so this is such a great reminder to love myself more fully and honestly

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