New Moon Affirmations September 2021

Hello beautiful loved one, in honour of tonight’s New Moon I wanted to share with you a few beautiful, positive affirmations to lovingly raise your vibrations. Hand on heart, repeat these in whichever way feels good to you (out loud, in your head, whatever resonates) and feel the joy. Beautiful blessings are yours! Another pro tip is to repeat these positive affirmations out loud to yourself whilst looking at yourself in the mirror, beautiful loved one.

The last two affirmations are to do with creative writing, so if this vibes for you then definitely implement them 😍😍😍

Lots of love!

New Moon September 2021 Affirmations ❤️

I am healthy

My mind is happy and healthy

I honour my authentic self

I am present in each blissful moment

I am positively balanced

I am positively wealthy

I am happy

I enjoy life

I am love, I am loved, I am loving

I am positively wanted

I am positively magnetic

People love me

I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been, physically, mentally, Spiritually and emotionally

I am living my happiest, healthiest life NOW

I am the very best, happiest version of myself

I am love

Life is bliss for me

My happiness is important

My happiness is important. The happier I am the more happiness I can share with the world, for the highest good of all, thank you thank you thank you

I am worthy of great wealth for the highest good of all – I believe this one may have been inspired by Leeor Alexandra’s School Of Prosperity course, so want to give credit where credit is due ❤️

I am love I am love I am love

I am good enough

Of course I am good enough!

I deserve to share my gifts with love and to be lovingly rewarded for them, for the highest good of all, thank you thank you thank you

I am perfectly positively healthy

I have perfect health, thank you thank you thank you

I deserve to celebrate me

I am a talented, beautiful creative writer. Thank you thank you thank you

My poetry is beautiful, for the highest good of all, thank you thank you thank you

And so it is for the highest good of all, lots of love ❤️

What’s your favourite positive affirmation? Which affirmations are your favourite from this list? Have a beautiful new moon!

Lots of love,


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