Donations Appreciated <3

Hello my loves, welcome to my ‘donations appreciated’ page- now, I was inspired to create this section over the weekend.

For a while I’ve wanted to monetise my blog, but the typical ‘influencer’ lifestyle isn’t really my thing. I’m not saying I’d never do ads or anything, and I don’t know what the future holds for me (but I sure can create it ;)) but manifesting a ton of brand deals etc etc at the moment, isn’t really what I’m looking for. There are definitely avenues for me to take if I wanted to, brands I would love to work with and other creative outlets, but, I’m not so much a fashion blogger anymore, I’m not that much into talking about Skincare and beauty, I’m more about sharing my life, my experiences, travel, poetry, Spirituality, life guidance, that type of thing. I want to monetise my blog in the best way possible for me. I thought about different options, but I want to ensure my content is accessible for everyone here on this blog and on my IG. Of course there will be avenues I take in the future that require payment – like my poetry book/s coming out in the future and that’s fine – we all deserve to be rewarded beautifully for the gifts we share and as I really learnt, its an energy exchange, which is great, when it comes to this blog and the content I choose to share on this blog, I want it to be all public. Therefore, I have decided to create a ‘donations appreciated’ PayPal account – so if ever anyone wants to make a donation to myself as a positive energy exchange if I have added value to your life through this blog and you enjoy my content (although of course, even if I have as that is always my intent with this blog – to add value, and I always want you to enjoy it, there is never any obligation to donate), the option is there if you choose to.

I love blogging and creating, but it does require energy. We all deserve to do the things we love and to be able to make a career out of doing what we want to do, working on our passions. I believe that money is good, and I choose to affirm ‘I do what I love and receive money for it, always through positive sources for the highest good of all’ ❤️

I put a lot of passion and care into my blog and I believe I offer a lot of good value, I deserve to be rewarded for this as you do for your passions too – if that’s what you want to call in.

So – that’s me introducing my ‘donations appreciated’ PayPal – you can find the link to donate to my PayPal here and below, and I will leave the link to this page on the majority of my posts going forward!

Thank you so much for reading,

Remember you are WORTHY of living a life you love,

Lots of love,


Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

For my poetry, please click here.

For all things Law Of Attraction and Spirituality, please click here.

Inspiration from @Wild.mystique

I learnt about the term ‘energy exchange’ for offering services and receiving monetary value from @ActivationVibration and through a tweet which I currently can’t find right now!!!


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