Womb | Poetry

As women
As people with wombs
We menstruate
And I hope that you know
That it’s okay
To carry tampons and pads
And what you use is up to you
Whether that be
Period pants
Moon cups
Your authentic choice
Is always
Good enough
And valued
Whatever you choose to do
I hope you know that
It’s okay to wait
To say no
To not have sex
To have sex
Whatever is right
For you
And that
There is no need
To do anything
For the sake of
Impressing another

That the right people
Will love you for you
And you shall love them for them
And that you are worthy
Of feeling proud of all that you are
You may be
So my love
Set yourself free

I would also love to recommend this amazing meditation I did on Christmas Day which really soothed my period cramps – I described it as a Spiritual Paracetamol hehe – SO good! I felt amazing afterwards. I found it on Spotify and it’s linked here. The meditation itself is called ‘Guided Meditation: Womb-Heart-Throat Axis – Episode 54’ on the Kimiya Healing Podcast. I’m going to do this often, loved it!

Watch: ‘Moon Cycle Free Bleeding (The Sacred Time Of Menstruation & Periods)’ by Bridget Nielsen

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  1. I LOVED this! There is SO much judgement when it comes to periods and what women use and I honestly feel like it further divides and dehumanizes women. Thank you for writing this and aways being such a light! ❤

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    1. Thank YOU for commenting such a lovely and inspiring comment my love. This poem just came to me, right from Spirit like a channel. Women Empowerment is so important & I just want everyone to feel safe no matter who they are or what they do, we all have freedom of choice and to love and respect one another is the greatest. Thanks for being a sister, lots of love ❤ xxx


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