B&M Haul

Hey my beauties, and welcome back to my blog! Today we have a HAUL post going up! One of two that I have planned, it’s been a while since I’ve done a haul actually, I can’t even remember when my last one was ~ Goes back to check ~ based on me typing ‘haul’ into my search bar on my blog, it seems it was this one-

‘Welcome To My Bookshelf | Spiritual / Self Development / Magickal Book Haul November 2020

Which by the way, I’ve actually not read any of those books from that haul yet! Funny because the next haul I have coming is actually a book haul, yet I haven’t even read any of the ones from my last book haul? Okay… I was going to say that’s a conversation for another time but I may as well go into it now! I was going to say I’m trying out not buying any new books until I’ve actually gotten through what’s on my shelf, but there’s a few that I’m really keen to read soon. But that is a topic for my next haul lol- but anyway, todays haul is a fun little B&M haul. We all love B&M right??

*side note, I have read a lot of the ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ book, I just haven’t completed it yet. I’ve also started ‘Shaman’ but again not completed it, and I’ve read a random page of the ‘Witch Please’ book. I haven’t delved into Dr Joe Dispenza’s books yet, but I’ve watched a few of his episodes of ‘Rewired’ on Gaia and it’s a great show, and I’ve done a few of his meditations. ❤️

It’s funny, I was reading back on some old blog posts the other day, journal entry style ones where I’d reflect on my weekends / holidays and they were absolutely hilarious. I don’t really share that type of thing anymore here on the blog, but I knew I wanted to share something a little more light hearted, fun and personal, the weekend recaps seemed too forced for me to get back into right now, but I knew the time would come, all in Divine Timing, for me to share a kind of fun, chatty post. I say ‘personal’ up there but actually, whilst they may not be journal entries, my posts can be very personal! They’re just not diary style anymore, and that’s okay. But I knew I wanted to share something like this, and after a spontaneous trip to B&M where I bought a few things, I thought why not do a haul?

Ramble over, let me show you some of the things I bought 🙂

Crossword book & Word Search book.

I was inspired after a post Emma Mumford shared in her Manifestation Membership to do something like a crossword, so I had it in my mind to buy a crossword book or two to give my mind some workout hehe! Before buying these though, I found this website where I could do some crosswords online, the ones I succeeded most at were the Harry Potter ones, but even so I never actually completed any. I’ve already started on this crossword book and, they’re not easy!! But I guess that’s the point, mind stimulation. I’ve completed one word search and I thought the idea of this word search book was really nice, as you can colour alongside it too. Isn’t that drawing of the girl so beautiful?

Moon Decoration & Dreamcatcher.

I already have two dreamcatchers in my bedroom but when I saw these I just had to treat especially for the prices they were, £2.50 for the moon decoration and £3.00 for the dreamcatcher (it may have been the other way around, but either way, no more than £3 / £5.50 all together) so good!! Which one is your fave?


I saw these and just thought they’d be fun to have!

And no Zimmy’s! So I have to mention the Zimmy’s choco dragon shells cereal in the hope one day B&M sponsor me or Zimmy’s cereal brand sponsors me and I can do another post like this with #ad lol but Zimmy’s dragon chocolate shell cereals are the best ✨ I was so excited to go to B&M and buy some but they were out of stock!! It’s because they’re so good. I only ever find them at B&M too and it’s not often that I go there, so I really wanted to stock up on this trip but hey, I’ll have to go back soon to get some! I might give it a month or so, as by then they may have new pretty stuff in there too and I can treat some more! 😍

*sidenote I just googled Zimmy’s and it looks like you can get them in Iceland too (the shop).

So that wraps up my haul. I hope you enjoyed this spontaneous little post. Have you bought anything nice recently? What’s your favourite Poptart flavour? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading,

Lots of love,


Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

To work with me / for business enquiries (hello B&M / Zimmy’s) please email me at JenniferRBallard222@yahoo.com ❤️❤️❤️


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