My Interpretation Of Lilith

Lilith is the woman who speaks her truth

Who stands up for what she believes in, with love and compassion

Who speaks her truth boldly, not judging herself, or anyone else!

Not fearless, but not afraid of fear.

She’s okay to stand in the shadows

The snake can also represent transformation, growth, playing the game. Knowing how to ‘hack the matrix’. Shedding the skin of old stories that no longer serve. Shedding limiting beliefs. Shedding self sabotage. Shedding being afraid of our shadow, of our dark parts. Shedding the patriarchy. Shedding anything that needs to be left behind, with gratitude for how it served us, but leaving that with the grass, to serve as a reminder to those who see, we all grow, we have beautiful transformations, and change is just uncovering a new layer of our self.

What we have been taught to fear, is probably what will liberate us most.

Lilith is the energy of a woman who follows her OWN path, who does what she wants, unapologetically. She lives her own truth.

She plays with the moon.

She sings to the moon.

She dances with the moon.

She writes poetry about flying in love with her shadow. Connecting with our shadow LIBERATES US!

She is a woman who stands in her own power.

A sister.

A lover.

A Goddess.

Watch: ‘Working With Lilith: The Full History & Personality of The Ancient Dark Goddess (Mini-Documentary)’ by GrimWire.

Thankful to Lilith for working with me on this blog post. From my gratitude diary – ‘I am thankful that Lilith came to work with me yesterday. I promise to honour her by empowering myself and empowering other women. Thank you thank you thank you’

And thankful to you for reading and being here with me on this journey!

Do you work with the Goddess Lilith?

What does Lilith mean to you?

How do you like to step into your own Lilith energy?

Let me know in the comments below if it resonates.

Thank you for reading,

as always have a blessed day,

lots of love,


‘Hacking the matrix’ term learned from either / both Leeor Alexandra and Indy The Alchemist / Dr Indy Einstein.

Read: ‘You Are A Goddess’

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