The Water | Poetry

The water
Tells me stories
Tales from
The sea
Each raindrop
Is different
And now I’m drinking
Messages for me
This water chose me for
A reason
I sip this
Because in this precious
Water droplet
A story
And maybe my imaginations vivid
But it’s what this water
Gifted me
Because who knows how far this water’s travelled
To be with me
And in the raindrop that
Blessed this water
That now fills up
My body
I know there’s something sacred in this water
That was meant
For me

  • ‘each raindrop is different’ inspired from Louise Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ book. Poem inspired after a conversation with a lovely friend 🦋🐬🐬

Beautiful featured photography is by the incredible Lorraine Elizabeth @LorraineElizabethPhoto

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