Uplifting | Poetry

Rise when I desire
Eat my cereal, outside
Bask in the glory of the sun
Give thanks
For this beautiful life
Chill and watch
My favourite shows
Study things
That interest me
Having fun,
Do what makes
Me happy
Go for lunchtime catchups
With my loved ones
And smile
Being kind
To all
Having this moment
To connect
Is so
So beautiful
The sun is shining
I’m alive
Living my
Very best life
I am me

Manifesting tip – Write a song / poem about your desired manifestation to tap into that frequency and manifest, words are spells remember 😉

Leave me a comment down below talking about something / or someone that you love!! Raise those vibrations baby, the more we talk about what we love, the more we bring about what we love 🙂 ♥

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Absolutely beautiful magickal featured photo by Dua Chuot on pexels! Thank you ♥

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