Tier Ranking The Songs From Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ Album

Hello my loves & welcome back to the blog.

I mentioned recently on my Insta that I had a few ‘tier ranking’ blog posts coming up and nobody guessed correctly that I would be tier ranking songs from Taylor Swift’s albums ;P Although the guesses I got from one of my close friends were hilarious!

I’ve recently been watching a lot of tier ranking videos on YouTube, it is what it is although we are stepping into hot girl summer now so, I am hoping to spend slightly more time outside and less time on my phone however, they have provided greatly entertaining for me. Mostly, I have been watching these videos by Ally Sheehan and whenever I watch them, I’m always thinking where I would personally rank things, then the other evening, I just sat down and started ranking things and thought I would make my own blog posts – of course, with Taylor Swift being my go to musical artist, I had to go through her albums and tier rank them and I’ve decided to start this series off with the ‘Speak Now’ album. I’m currently writing this blog post draft on the 24th of March ’22 so if she releases Speak Now anytime in the next week or so… psychic.

Bare in mind I went through the tracklist of the album when tier ranking, so this is probably going to read as quite chaotic so you can either read through each tier and accept the chaos (I mean – you’ll seeee where I’ve ranked the songs) or you can go through in track list order and skim through. Whatever- just enjoy hehe.

Let me explain the tier for this.

Of course we have God Tier. The best of the best on the album.

Then we have category ‘Enchanted’ which is for all the great songs which are great but not my fave faves on the album.

‘Sparks Fly’ tier is mid tier- for the songs that are good but not *IN MY OPINION* Iconic.

‘Innocent’ tier is for the songs that I don’t really listen to / they get skips from me.

and then finally we have the ‘Back To December’ tier which is no shade against the song but I just couldn’t think of a good name for this category, these are the songs I don’t really listen to – even less so than the ones in ‘Innocent’ tier.

Let’s go! *To avoid confusion, the words underlined are the tiers, so for example the Enchanted tier is underlined and when I’m ranking the actual songs, they are in italics

God Tier

Enchanted. Who wouldn’t put this in God Tier? Although… I think I may actually prefer Owl City’s remake. It’s so SPARKLY!


Better Than Revenge – Uh, should this be in God Tier? Probably yes. Fuck the controversy. This song is iconic. But I realised I didn’t have a song in this category yet soo! Also, because of all the controversy, I can’t help but feel a little scandalous for putting it in God Tier so, Enchanted it is. Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did!

Haunted – this was one of my faves as a youngster but I don’t really listen to it these days, so that’s why it’s going in Enchanted 🙂

Long Live! This ties between this tier and Sparks Fly, but it’s pretty emotional and powerful so it can rank in Enchanted for that 😉

Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly, because I do sing along to it.

Dear John – I know this is a great song great lyrics fan fave (at least I think it is) but it’s not one I listen to often however I appreciate the 💫craftmanship💫 so it has to rank in Sparks Fly. Also my ‘ex’ was called John though the song doesn’t fit his image (I rate him as a good guy- no offence John Mayer) but I did write a poem with the same name love that for me.

Mean – going in Sparks Fly purely for the fact it’s so catchy.

The Story Of Us

Last Kiss. I think lyrically etc this song could rank higher, but I don’t really listen to it so 🤷‍♀️


Mine. Also, I wonder when I hear this if Taylor’s dad is offended by the ‘careless mans careful daughter’ lyric? I mean obviously he isn’t, but it does get me a little 😂 imagine.

Back To December – I sing along and it’s probably listened to as often as Sparks Fly, but it just ranks slightly below for me.

Speak Now. One I don’t like ranking things in the bottom tier and 2 this song is hilarious like the lyrics? A dress shaped like a pastry. Taylor is a SAVAGE and we live for it. Only Taylor. So it gets Innocent tier for me.

Never Grow Up – I don’t really listen to this but it’s a sweet message? Do I plan on listening to this? No because it’ll probably make me cry x

Back To December


I can’t believe only one song from this album ranked as God Tier – ooh. Speak Now is not the album of Taylor’s that I listen to most, though I am so excited for the vault tracks we have to come. Hurray!

Do you agree with my rankings? Which songs from Speak Now would you rank as God Tier? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

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