Thoughts | Power Of Our Magick Mind


‘In my dream last night, Z mentioned *, she literally just said * & I felt a feeling. Anyway, it’s actually their birthday too.

So we could think,

‘is this thought true, or is it a product of my subconscious mind? Does this belief still resonate? Is anything actually real, or is it just perception?’

& if our beliefs create our reality & reality is a perception of our subconscious mind, then in this moment we can choose to shift our reality. & nothing is more real than this moment. So live in the present moment, create its beauty, like Gareth Gates sings ‘take this moment and make it evergreen’ so the more beauty we create & behold in our subconscious mind, the more we create a beautiful reality for ourselves.

If it’s all just a perception of our powerful thoughts & beliefs, then we can live beauty & raise our children to do the same.

Belief is powerful.

*all you have to do is change your beliefs, and everything will change*

Stay loyal to the belief system you wish to materialise.

Inspired by Dr Joe Dispenza & a dream I had. ❤ ❤

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