Tier Ranking The Songs From Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Album

Tier ranking ‘Reputation’ could be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…

I love how I’ve said ‘had to do’ by the way, like this isn’t something I’m actually doing off my own back haha.

‘Reputation’ is my favourite Taylor Swift album, it’s the album that reignited my interest in Taylor and turned me into a Swiftie. I didn’t even listen to it as soon as it came out, but once I did find myself invested in the album, I was in love. Best Taylor Swift album. So good.

Right, so we are tier ranking the songs from ‘Reputation’ today because, why not. I actually am re-doing this because I originally ranked the songs a couple of weeks ago and now I’m finalising the post, I’ve just wanted to reshuffle everything so, this is my second time ranking the songs ;).

Let me explain the tiers.

We have God Tier – for the best of the best.

Gorgeous – for the great ones.

Delicate – for the beauties that I enjoy / love but aren’t the best or the best of the best (in my opinion)

So It Goes – the ones I don’t really listen to

Don’t Blame Me – the ones that aren’t my faves on the album.

The tiers names will be in bold and underlined so you can differentiate from the tiers and the songs.

Let’s get into it.

Hi… btw, i realised I didn’t say hello today, sometimes I just like to dive right into a post, but hello – let’s go!

God Tier

I Did Something Bad


Dress – I’m honestly not sure why this is in this tier. I love this song, but more than anything my soul is telling me it belongs here. I can’t bring myself to move it.

Call It What You Want – Obviously God Tier. Dreamy


Ready For It

Don’t Blame Me

Delicate – I almost put this in God Tier but I wasn’t 100% convinced, and I feel like if you’re not sure something belongs in God Tier, then it probably doesn’t. Beautiful song though.

Getaway Car – it’s actually funny that I haven’t put this in God Tier, on my original ranking I did. I feel like maybe my mood is affecting the ranking today, my mind has been feeling a bit cloudy so I’m just really enjoying peace and quiet, so I’m not feeling listening to this song at the moment but overall, it’s iconic and I love it. Probably deserves God Tier.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – I love this song, it’s an anthem and one of Taylor’s best in my opinion, I know I’ve placed it in Gorgeous tier rather than ‘God Tier’ though, so maybe I should bump it up – the only reason I didn’t place it in God Tier is because it’s not so relatable. I think it’s a great song but, it’s just not current if that makes sense. She stays.


End Game

King Of My Heart

New Years Day

So It Goes

So It Goes

Dancing With Our Hands Tied

Don’t Blame Me

Look What You Made Me Do

So that wraps up my tier ranking of the Reputation album. Who’s excited for the re-recording? I hope you liked my makeup look too – I thought the dark smokey eye would be perfect for the rep era!

What’s your favourite Taylor Swift album? Which TS album made you a Swiftie? Where would you rank the songs on Reputation? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for reading,

Have a blessed day,



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