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And what I mean by this…
I was just on the bus viewing the daffodils and thinking about how incredible it is that they exist and how God gifts us daffodils and I thought ‘God really did a good job’ and then I thought about how some may argue ‘if God did a good job why is there evil in the world?’ Which of course I understand but I don’t see God as control. Just like how I don’t believe God would have punished Lilith for leaving the Garden of Eden or sent Angels after her to curse her – no way – also not that Lilith was even wrong for leaving the garden of Eden but what I mean is. God is a source and a presence of LOVE. So whilst he gives us the tools and sets us off in this world, it’s up to us what we do with it. Like how you can have parents to raise their children beautifully, with all the love, but ultimately, what those children do with their lives is up to them. Sure it’s influenced by the parents but they still have free will.
So to live in service of love and God / Source / Spirit / The Universe- however that’s aligned to you, is our own choice but we still have free will. We can choose to honour the beauty the Universe has blessed us with, or not. But the tools are there. And God has gifted us so beautifully.

Stay sovereign


*this post was originally shared as a caption on my Instagram. Have a blessed day!

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