Announcement! My first poetry e-mag!

Hey my loves

First of all I would like to discuss the word ‘sacred’ – I LOVE it! Something I am trying to do more and more of, remind myself to do, is see every moment as sacred, because it is. There is truly so much to be grateful for, and vibrating on the gratitude / love frequency feels so good. Being in this moment, appreciating it for all it is worth. Magick!

But that is not the purpose of this post today – today I am introducing you to my first ever poetry e-zine I will be releasing on ETSY on the 12th May 2022!! This e-mag will be available as a PDF download to purchase on Etsy or you can DM me on Insta to buy too. This e-mag features over 30 poems brand new and exclusive to the e-mag. We are talking never seen before poetry of mine 😍😍 all exclusive to the magazine. There are one or two poems (not included in the 30) that I have previously shared very briefly on IG stories – including the poetry titled ‘chocolate’. This is one poem I shared on Insta stories briefly and it just needed somewhere to call home. I wanted that home to be in this e-magazine. The e-magazine features two parts- ‘My Heart Sings’ and ‘The Beauty Of Life’. The poetry featured in this magazine is all about love, romantic relationships, friendship, gratitude, Spirituality, self love and of course, the beauty of life. The title poem ‘My Heart Sings’ was inspired by two of my dear friends, who I was feeling such gratitude for as part of my rising ritual, I was inspired to write a poem all about how my heart sings for the wonderful people in my life and the wonderful blessings in this / my world. I have already announced some of the titles of the poems on IG including – ‘Bali’ ‘My Heart Sings’ ‘But they named whole forests after her’ ‘Unconditional Love’ ‘I Met You For A Reason’ ‘In Nature With You’ And I will announce three more titles here ☺️ ‘Gratitude 2’ ‘Gracious With Myself’ ‘Kissed By The Moon’

I really hope you love this poetry e-zine! I have written poems from the heart here, Divinely Inspired, beautiful messages. Remember there is magick in the slow and we can find inspiration everywhere, if you’re looking for inspiration, take a walk – let Source guide you, let the Universe channel messages through you.

Of course as I mentioned I’ll be releasing this e-mag on etsy on the 12th May ‘22 (this month!) but of course if you wish to pre-order you can DM me on Instagram (@50shad3s0fj4y) to pre-order your copy and it will be sent to you on the 12th. The price is £5.55 and with your pre-order you will get a poem sent to you straight away of your choice from the titles announced. Of course I will also be posting the link to the etsy

Have a blessed day ❤️❤️

*You can also pre-order by emailing me mwah!

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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

For my poetry, please click here.

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