Shopaholic Sunday | LUSH, MAC, H&M

Another couple of pay days have been and gone and as always, I have made sure to go in and treat myself like it's treat yourself Tuesday everyday. It's official, I am a shopaholic. These past couple of months I've really bought myself a variety of amazing new things, from an abundance of clothes to … Continue reading Shopaholic Sunday | LUSH, MAC, H&M


Shoppin’ Sprees In Paris

Hello everyone! As some of you may know I recently returned from a short trip to Disney Land Paris, where of course I treated myself to a ton of goodies. Anyone who knows me will know I love shopping and when in Paris, a gals gotta shop. This means today it's time for one thing … Continue reading Shoppin’ Sprees In Paris

Shopaholic Sunday (On a Monday) – Ted Baker, Bershka & More.

Hi guys! Last month was a crazy month for me in the shopping department, I sure as heck treated myself a lot. Forget 'treat yourself Tuesday', I treated myself everyday. The first couple of things I bought last month were dedicated to haircare. Since last year I've gradually been dying my hair blonder and blonder … Continue reading Shopaholic Sunday (On a Monday) – Ted Baker, Bershka & More.