The Throwback Tag 💕

Hey cuties 😘 Happy Easter Sunday. I hope you’re all enjoying your day today and that you have eaten lots … More

17/03/16 ▪️

Whatup whatup 👋🏼 right, I’m going to write this blog post, play some Solitaire and then go to bed. I … More

16/03/2016 ✨

HELLO EVERYBODY 👋🏼 Another day, another dollar 💰 Today was my very first day at my new job, although it … More

15/03/2016 🍕

Hello everyone 👋🏼 Just like yesterday, today has also been a really nice day 😊 Not weather wise though, the … More

14/03/2016 🌻

Hey everyone 👋🏼 I feel like I haven’t posted a lot of general chatty posts lately, it’s mainly been all … More