Time To Get Fit.


Today I joined the gym!!!

Let’s start with the facts, I’ve never been a gym girl. I literally haven’t been to the gym since I lived in Scarborough about 5 years ago and even then I only went because it was a free facility where I lived so why not!?!? But as I walked in to work today and my friend Atlanta announced that she had just signed up to¬†our local¬†Bannatynes gym¬†and she was headed there after work, all I wanted to do was sign up myself and go there and then.

Impulsively I decided to sign up to the gym on my lunch break and as I had no gym gear with me, I headed straight to Poundland and Shoe Zone for some cheap leggings and trainers so at 6pm, Atlanta and I could finish work and head straight to the gym.

Once at Bannatynes we exercised for about an hour and I burnt a total of 225 calories which is great!!! We went on the exercise bikes (my favourite), the cross trainers and the rowing machines. I lasted about two seconds on the rowing machine as I really couldn’t get to grips with it, I felt like I was going to fall off plus I didn’t feel like I was doing anything beneficial?! However I will keep persevering with it and try again next time.

Atlanta and I had a nice little starter gym session and I am so looking forward to our next visit. We have an exercise class booked for this week which I’m really looking forward to and of course we will do the normal gym stuff along with that too.

From today onwards I am so keen to live a healthy lifestyle, not only am I aiming to go to the gym at least twice a week but I’m also looking forward to continuing my weekly walks with my besties, doing light exercise at home and changing my diet so I snack less, cancel out all cheat days and drink less alcohol.

I already eat lots of fruit and veg however you can never have too much right!? So I will definitely keep on with the fruit salads at lunch time and make sure to have lots of veg with my dinner to ensure I get my 5 a day.

I feel so great after my first session at the gym and I seriously can’t wait to start living a healthy, fitness focused¬†lifestyle!!!

To document my progress with exercising and eating healthy I am going to start a new weekly blog series ‘Fit Fridays’ where I will post weekly summaries of the progress I am making and what I achieved that week.

I am so excited!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post.

Thank you all for reading,




A Weekend In Blackpool.

‘Hello Blackpool’

This weekend has been one of the most fun I’ve had with my besties this year so far.

As I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning, I was tired but excited as it was finally time for girls weekend in Blackpool, something we’ve had planned for months now.

Morning selfie, why not?


Daisy picked me up at 7:30am and from there we picked Chantal up and drove to Emily’s, as Emily was driving us to Blackpool in her new car.

With a four hour journey ahead of us, we were set for the ultimate road trip.

Arriving in Blackpool around midday, we headed straight to the Lynmoore Guest House where we were staying for the weekend. The four of us shared a room with two single beds and a double plus an en suite bathroom. For the price of £60 (£15pp) the guest house was everything we could need, clean, spacious and close to the main strip. I would definitely stay there again when visiting Blackpool.

Once we had dropped our suitcases off in the guest house we headed straight out for our first activity of the day – Madame Tussauds!!! Eeeek, I love Madame Tussauds (although I’ve only been once before in Amsterdam) and this one exceeded my expectations by miles. Daisy even said it was better than the one in London!

There was so much cool stuff to see and do whilst at Madame Tussauds. We got a photograph with Jeremy Kyle and Emily and I posed as if we were arguing which was absolutely hilarious, we posed with Keith Lemon and even saw Peter Andre.

We got to have a drink in the Rovers Return, the pub which features in one of my favourite soap operas ‘Coronation Street’. This was super cool and I enjoyed my coke so much, although the only Corrie waxwork I recognised was Deirdre Barlow, everyone else was too old for me to remember.

The highlight of Madame Tussauds was obviously ‘meeting’ my bae, Joe Hart. I have been looking forward to getting a photo with his waxwork for so long now and I am sooooo buzzing I got a good few. I hope one day I get to meet the real Joe Hart but for now, I’m content with seeing his waxwork.

And the second best thing about Madame Tussauds Blackpool was the Festival Fields area which was so cool, we posed in giant wellies and saw Ed Sheeran, who I had to get a photo with because duh, Ed Sheeran. Love him!!!

Once we had seen all the waxworks¬†it was time to purchase the professional photos we had taken throughout the day which were all so funny and cute. I think it’s great they had so many photo ops at Madame Tussauds because the printed photographs are such great keepsakes.


Madame Tussauds in Blackpool is so much fun and I would highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in the area. There’s so much to do there and its such a fun experience, I’d definitely go again.


Blackpool’s Sea Life Centre was our next stop of the day and¬†I really couldn’t wait to see the¬†animals.¬†I didn’t get any pictures from the day but we saw pregnant seahorses (so cool), clown fish Nemo’s and Dory’s (soooo cute) and jellyfish!

Not to mention the huge tank which had stingrays, rays and sharks which were so amazing. As I watched them I was in awe, literally I just thought it was so fascinating to see these amazing creatures up close. It made me so excited to go scuba diving at Discovery Cove in Florida!!!

After we left the Sea Life centre we had a wander along the sea front and played the penny machines at the amusements. I love the penny machines, always have always will. The 2p ones are so much better than the 10p ones as your playing time lasts longer with them (unless you spend a small fortune using so many 10p coins).

Somehow, I won so many tokens on the 2p machine I was able to choose a free minion bubble blower, a Nicki Minaj keyring, a fake tattoo and some sweets for my prize. How exciting, I love winning things!

By the early evening we had completed all of our activities for the day so we headed back to the guest house to relax. We chilled in bed and watched some¬†TV.¬†It was really relaxing and fun to just chat and giggle with the girls. Sometimes that’s my favourite way to spend time.

We intended to go out that evening for some drinks but we were all just too sleepy, so instead we grabbed some fast food and headed back to the hotel to sleep, such wild gals we are.


Day two of Blackpool was spent at the Pleasure Beach, but before heading there our first stop of the day was obviously Spoons for breakfast. The Weatherspoons we went to was called¬†The Velvet Coaster and I have to say it’s quite possibly one of the nicest Spoons I’ve ever been to. I had fried egg on toast for breakfast and it was delicious plus the whole layout of the place was gorgeous and modern. I definitely enjoyed my experience there and my chats with the girls.

Breakfast finished it was finally time to head to the Pleasure Beach, the sole reason we wanted to visit Blackpool in the first place and can I just say, if you’ve never been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach before then you need to. This was my first time visiting and I bloody loved it!

With so many rides ranging from tame to thrilling, I would actually put Blackpool Pleasure Beach on a par with Thorpe Park and I would say I much prefer it to Alton Towers. I feel like this amusement park is so underrated and everyone needs to go now to appreciate its brilliance!

My favourite rides of the day were The Steeplechase, The Big One and The Grand National. We went on The Steeplechase three times, it’s such a silly and funny ride where you sit on model horses and ‘race’ each other round the track. I would genuinely go back to Blackpool for this ride its that amusing.

The Big One, also known as the Pepsi Max is huge and terrifying. Although it doesn’t go upside down, it goes so high you can virtually see the whole of Blackpool and it drops almost vertically. It’s amazing. I knew sh*t was about to go down when I read the sign ‘Do not take your hands off the bars’, like I wanted to wave my hands in the air but after reading that I was not risking it. I loved this ride so much, definitely a solid 9/10 for the thrill factor.

The Grand National was just so funny, another silly but brilliant ride, this is a wooden rollercoaster which could quite possibly win the award for ricketiest of all time. There are two tracks on this rollercoaster so you’re opposite another group of people for the whole ride which is highly amusing, I believe its designed this way as the grand national is a horse race, so the two coasters were racing each other.

Overall we went on three horse themed rides so I feel like the people who designed the rides for Blackpool Pleasure Beach were kind of obsessed with horses! But hey the best rides of the day were the horsey ones (bar The Big One) so clearly having an obsession with horses works when developing rides.

The Pleasure Beach was open from 11-5pm and in that time we fit so much in, we went on almost every ride. The only ride we didn’t do which I would have liked to was Infusion, a rollercoaster which goes upside down but I’m not overly bothered about that. We did the main ones!!! All the queue times were so short, the longest we waited was probably about 20 minutes. I’m sure in the busier Summer times they would be longer¬†than that but still,¬†I was really impressed and it was also a huge plus that the rides were all so close to each other so we didn’t have to walk too much for too long.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is so amazing and I am so happy I got to visit, the park exceeded my expectations by miles and I would 100% go back and 100% recommend it to anyone and everyone! Its such a fun day out.

And before I go I just have to mention something funny that happened whilst at the amusement park, a seagull stole my burger!!! Hahaha I never thought something so silly would happen to me but I left it on the table as I went to grab a chair and next thing I know this seagulls grabbed the bun and is pecking away at it.¬†Ever so kindly¬†the seagull left the beef and the other side of the bun, so gross as it may be I went ahead and ate what had survived, sorry but I wasn’t about to spend another fiver on a burger.


Overall the word I would use to describe my time with my friends in Blackpool is FUN. Emily, Chantal, Daisy and I had a lush time together and I enjoyed being with them so much.

Here’s to more adventures!

Have you ever been to Blackpool? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading,




How To Make A Vision Board | Law Of Attraction

“If you can go there in the mind, you can go there in the body”.

As a lover of The Secret, I know just how important visualisation is and how it is a key step to take in order to manifest the life of your dreams.

When you hold an image in your mind, the Universe will work to make it your reality.

This is where Vision Boards come into play. If we really want to attract something into our life we must hold the image of what we want in our minds and keep it as our main focus. Making a vision board filled with pictures, words and quotes that inspire you, and looking at this as often as you can will ensure you hold the images of what you want in your mind and keep you focused so you can attract all these things into your life.

Making a vision board is really easy and really fun, it’s a chance to get creative, feel inspired and focus your full attention on what you want.

STEP ONE. Pick a base for your vision board. You can use a large piece of card, a canvas or my personal favourite Рa notice board.


STEP TWO. Think about what it is you want to attract into your life, so you know exactly what to put on your vision board. Do you want money? Love? Adventure? Decide what it is you really want from life, so you know what to be focusing on.
*Make sure the things you include on your vision board are things you feel really passionate about. For example,¬†if you want to travel, choose pictures of places you wish to go that set your heart on fire, be specific about what you want. Don’t just cut out any old pictures from a travel brochure, make sure you’re choosing pictures of places you truly have a burning desire to visit. The more passionate about something you feel, the higher frequency you’re on and therefore the easier it will be for you to manifest.
STEP THREE. Gather pictures. Now you know what it is you want from life, you need to collect some photographs which represent your desires. You can find these pictures online and hit print, cut them out of magazines or gather up leaflets and brochures.

STEP FOUR. Get creative. As well as cutting out pictures, you can also buy stickers or decorations for your vision board and/or make them yourself. You can also draw pictures of your desires Рfor example, if you want to go to New York you could draw a picture of yourself stood by the Statue of Liberty, or smiling ear to ear at the top of the Empire State Building. By getting creative, you are investing more positive energy into your aspirations and focusing intently on your desires.

STEP FIVE. Be thankful. As well as gathering pictures of all the things you want to attract into your life for your vision board, I also think it’s a good idea to choose some pictures from your life which include things you already have to be grateful for, for example a picture of you having fun with your friends or a family photo from your most recent holiday together. Gratitude is the key to abundance and if every time you look at your vision board you’re reminded of the amazing things you already have in your life, the more you will receive.

STEP SIX. Put your vision board together. Once you are fully equipped with everything you want to go on your vision board including your pictures and drawings etc. All you need to do now is put it all together collage style, ready to hang on your wall.

STEP¬†SEVEN. Hang it up. Now your vision board is all put together, it’s time to find the perfect place to put it. I choose to put my vision board right in front of my bed, so every time I wake up in the morning I can see it straight ahead of me and be reminded¬†of my goals, hopes and dreams. By having my vision board in front of my bed, it’s always in my sight when I’m in my bedroom and most importantly it’s in my sight at the most crucial times of day – first thing in the morning when I wake up and at the end of the day right before I go to sleep (remember, your subconscious mind is always working).


STEP EIGHT. Visualise, visualise, manifest. Your vision board is up, your biggest hopes and dreams are right in front of your eyes and all you have to do now is focus on those pictures and visualise to your hearts content until everything you wish for manifests.

‘If you can go there in the mind, you can go there in the body’.

Vision boards are a great way of having fun with the Law Of Attraction and really beneficial when it comes to manifesting your desires.¬†Since having my vision board up, I’ve noticed such a positive difference in my life already!

Do you have a vision board? Do you feel inspired to make one after reading this post? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading.

Lot’s of love,



Stonehenge | English Heritage

Stonehenge,¬†an English Heritage site surrounded by mystery, as although it was founded 1000’s of years ago, to this day the true reason for it’s existence remains unknown.
For a long time visiting Stonehenge has been on my bucket list, as one of the most famous places in Britain it seemed essential to me to visit at least once in my life time. Last week I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit with my family as I bought my Mum tickets for her birthday.
Starting off our experience at Stonehenge my family and I parked up at the visitor centre and queued to pick up our tickets and guidebook which I had pre-ordered online for £4.99. Although when booking your tickets online you have to pick a specific time slot to arrive between, we arrived a little early and were let in just fine.
Before heading off to explore we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at the visitors cafe as we were hungry after a long two hour drive. For me being quite a fussy eater, I felt the options of food were slightly limited with a selection of sandwiches and pastries, none of which took my fancy. I settled for a giant homemade Bourbon biscuit which although wasn’t unpleasant to eat, wasn’t the best biscuit I’ve ever had either! My parents and sister opted for a pastry each and even though they enjoyed their food we all came to the mutual agreement that if we were to visit again we would bring our own lunch and have a picnic!
After we had eaten, we took the shuttle bus over to the site of Stonehenge, which is located a little way away from the visitors centre. You can also walk to the site which would take about half an hour, but as it was quite a windy day we decided against this. I imagine it would be quite lovely to walk down there though and had it have been sunnier I would have loved to.
We were a short distance away from the stones as the bus pulled up to drop us off and as I caught a glance of them from the window I was initially quite surprised at how small they were. Obviously distance fooled me as when I had gotten closer to the stones, I realised just how big they were!
One of the mysteries which lies around Stonehenge is how the stones got there in the first place, as they are so huge and all so intricately placed with some even laying on top of others, what kind of popeye could lift these things?? Obviously thousands of years ago the technology we have now didn’t exist, so it wouldn’t have been so easy to just lift and move giant stones around as you pleased. The stones laying flat across other stones were the most intriging as how on Earth could they be lifted? My family and I discussed this and we figured even with 50 men pushing the rocks it could possibly be done, but where would there be room for 50 men to get behind the stones first place?
As we walked around Stonehenge, there were little plaques around which we read for more information.
Even now, I’m still not entirely sure what Stonehenge is really about however I do know that it’s highly linked to the sun and the way it shines through the rocks. I wish I knew¬†what the designers of Stonehenge were thinking when they created it… If only we could time travel back to the¬†Neolithic¬†times to ask them!
As we walked around Stonehenge, we saw so much more than just the¬†‘main’ stones. We saw the ‘Heel Stone’, a giant stone located opposite the main attraction just across the path.
I also saw a large sarson stone which had fallen onto the floor, partially hidden by the grass. On the outskirts of the main attraction there are little hills, where people used to be buried back in the Neolithic times.
Once we had seen all of Stonehenge (and bumped into my sisters old work colleague as we walked- how random) we took the shuttle bus back to the visitors centre where we browsed the gift shop. I bought some Stonehenge stickers for my scrapbook, a postcard and a mini stone which I am going to use as my gratitude rock.
We then explored a mini model village which showed us how the people lived back in the day when Stonehenge was first created. They lived in little huts with wooden beds which were super uncomfy to lie down on even for just one minute, I don’t know how people ever slept on them.
Then it was time to see the exhibition, with videos, pictures, and exhibition models it was really interesting to learn more about Stonehenge and how it has changed over the years. For example, 30 years ago when visiting Stonehenge you would be able to actually walk up to the stones and physically touch them whereas now unless you book a special visit to do this, you are no longer able to in order to protect the stones and their surrounding area.
The exhibition was our last experience of the day and information indulged, it was time to walk back to the car and start our journey home. I had an amazing day at Stonehenge with my family and it was really interesting to see the site in person, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Stonehenge is a truly fascinating place and its crazy to think that its been there for so many thousands of years, how amazing!!
I would highly recommend visiting Stonehenge as it truly is an interesting day out and something really quite different to do, a chance to see a real wonder of the world. I am so happy that I can say ‘I’ve seen the stones’!!!
Have you ever been to Stonehenge? Would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below!
Thank you for reading,
Click here to visit the English Heritage website and learn more about Stonehenge.

The First Time Tag.

Hi guys! Today I thought it would be fun to answer some more tag questions and¬†today I’ve decided to do The First Time tag,¬†although I’ve recently been tagged twice to do the Blue Sky tag so¬†I need to get on that asap.

Anyway this tag is pretty self explanatory, basically I’m just answering some questions all about my firsts!

Let’s go!!!

1. First tweet? – have a screenshot,

2. First youtube video? – Ahahaha okay so technically¬†I’m pretty sure my first youtube video was a Dakota Fanning fan video buuuut I just have to share this one instead, a music video of me dancing to Boom Boom Boom. Seriously someone please tell me what I was thinking when I made this?? I’m not even stressed though because it’s so funny to look back on. Guys seriously if you want a good chuckle, then watch this –¬†JENNIE2K7.
3. First person you subscribed to on youtube? – I don’t know officially who the first person I subscribed to on youtube was but the first person¬†whose videos I really got into would have to be¬†either¬†Braeton Brescia or Chanell Heeter. I¬†used to love¬†their music¬†videos¬†(still do).
4. First Facebook profile pic? – Well if this isn’t embarrassing… I’m sure this¬†tag was designed simply to embarrass people? What¬†a throwback, this was my first facebook profile picture on my old account which I uploaded all the way back in 2009, ah the memories!

5. Do you still talk to your first love?¬†–¬†I don’t! I have him on facebook, but I¬†have him muted.
6. What was your first alcoholic drink? – Oh c’mon, a¬†blue WKD, whose wasn’t?
7. What was your first job? РA till op at Costa Coffee, I never graduated to Barista as the one time I made a coffee, my store received a complaint ha ha.
8. What was your first car? – I’ve never owned a car, one day I will drive!!!
9. Who was the first person to text you today? – Emily!
10. Who was the first person you thought of this morning? –¬†The only thought I had running through my head this morning was ‘I don’t wanna get up yet’!!
11. Who was your first grade teacher? РYou expect me to remember that far back? Lol.
12. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? – I believe France, but it might have been Spain. I was only little!
13. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk? – Well at preschool my besties were two kids named Connie and Alex, I don’t¬†know what ever happened to them. Then I met¬†Daryl at first school and he was my bestie/boyfriend for a few years but as I moved away when I was 5, it was pretty long distance.¬†But really Emily was my first true best friend, who I met when I was 5 when I moved to MK and yes, we have been friends ever since!

14. Where was your first sleepover? – I literally can’t remember.
15. What was the first thing you did this morning?¬†–¬†Snoozed my alarm and¬†went back to sleep.
16. What was the first concert you ever went to? – N-Dubz, and the whole experience was a na na nightmare. My friend passed out, I lost my phone, I fell up the stairs and we had to leave early because we just couldn’t cope bless us, we were only like 14 years old.
17. First broken bone? –¬†Thankfully I’ve never broken a bone.
18. First piercing? – My ears, I have no other piercings but I’ve always been tempted to get my tongue pierced and lately I’ve been thinking¬†about getting my nipple done… Shall I¬†do it?
19. First foreign country you‚Äôve gone to? –¬†^Answer above, I believe it was France.
20. First movie you remember seeing? РThe Little Rascals. I pretty much watched that film every night as a kid.
21. When was your first detention?¬†– God knows, it was back in first school though. I remember getting a detention once for telling a teacher to ‘chill out’ lol oops.
22. Who was your first roommate? – I still live at home with my parents.
23. What is the first thing you do when you get home?¬†– Get in my pj’s and turn the tv on.
24. When was your first kiss? – I was 17 years old and living in Menorca. It was with some random guy I don’t even know the name of and I’m pretty sure he kissed my friend too. Not at all as romantic as I was expecting my first kiss to be.

Wow… did I really just answer 24 questions? It didn’t feel like there was that many.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun lil’ post,

please let me know if you too have done this tag, or if you’re going to so I can read your answers.

Thank you for reading,




Meet My Family.

Hurray!¬†Today¬†I’m doing another post for¬†Jenny¬†and Britts 52 week blog challenge and the prompt for todays post¬†is ‘Meet My Family’.
I LOVE my family. I’m a real family girl and I will always cherish each and every one of my loved ones. My parents and my sister Zo√ę are my best friends, my world, the loves of my life and I am so so thankful to have them in my world. They are my main priority, spending time with them makes me the happiest girl and they bring joy to my world everyday. I couldn’t love them more.
I am blessed to be part of such a happy family, we are all so close and always support one another. My parents have been married almost 20 years now and have been together even longer – and it makes me happiest seeing them in love and caring for one another. My Dad is a real romantic – recently I found an old ‘mixtape’ he had made for my Mum back in 1993, how amazing!!

I have always been a Daddy’s Girl – my Dad is my best friend and he means the world to me. He is silly, fun and playful and when he smiles, I smile. He is the most hard working man I know and the most kind hearted, generous person in the world. He would help anyone out and he does everything he possibly can to make my life the best it can be. He drops me off at work everyday, which I love as it’s our little time of the day to hang out together, I swear even when I drive we still have to have our car chats. We go to the pub and play on the quiz machines together and we enjoy a game of pool every now and then too. My Dad has the most loving heart and he inspires me every day to be the best I can be. He deserves all the happiness in the world and everyday it’s my goal to make sure he can live the life he deserves. I love my Dad so so much!

My Mum is amazing, she is the rock of the family and always there for me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She has always listened to me and accepted me, through my worries and my fears she has never judged me and I know I can tell her anything. She is so strong and one tough cookie, she’s an absolute superstar and I am so thankful she is my mother. I am so proud of her and everything she continues to achieve. I love seeing her happy and seeing her do things for herself – she’s always dedicated her life to us kids but lately now we’re all grown up she’s been learning Spanish, going to the gym more and socialising frequently with her new work friends. I am so happy for her!!

My sister Zo√ę is my bestie. She’s an absolute superstar and I am so grateful to have her in my life, I am so happy that she’s a part of my family, it would be incomplete without her. I love her so much. Zo√ę is super talented, she grew up studying musical theatre and loves all things musical!! She recently settled down with her career and became a teacher, I am so proud of her as she has always worked so hard to get where she wants to be and I hope she’s happy now doing what she’s doing. My sister makes me laugh so much, I can always have such a giggle with her. She is so cute and funny – for some reason she reminds me of little Stephanie off Full House ha ha! She is supportive of everything I do and has always been by my side wanting whats best for me. I absolutely love spending time with my sister, seeing her makes me so happy and excited!

Then of course, there’s my extended family…
First up my bro and his little family – Lee, Dennii, Tommy and Widget. My bro, sister in law, nephew and their pet dog!! I love them all so much, spending time with them is always a blessing. Lee is a great brother and I enjoy good conversations with him – he’s very smart and always offers interesting comments or opinions on different subjects.

Denni is kind and has a loving heart, she’s a great mother to Tommy, has the coolest tattoos, is always an amazing host, and she deserves all the happiness in the world! Denni is funny, playful, she has great conversation and I love that she is a part of the family.

Tommy is obviously a little treasure and makes me smile so much, he is the happiest kid in the world who brings so much joy to mine and so many others lives. My¬†favourite times with him are when we play ‘Dot Dot Line Line’, he loves it so much and I love being able to put a smile on his face when we play! He is also so incredibly smart, he amazes me with some of the things that he does, I just love him so much.

And Widget, what can I say? She’s my favourite little dog ever, love her!


I also have two nieces, Mollie and Imogen who I love with all my heart, they are so dear to me. Unfortunately I haven’t seen them in over a year now due to a so called ‘Family Fued’ – don’t ask, only their mum knows what the fued is about LOL. Anyway regardless of anything thats happened in the past, these girls mean the world to me and I have a heart full of love for them. Mollie has recently started secondary school and I know that can be a scary time for some, I pray with all my heart that she’s doing just fine (and I’m sure she is from what I’ve heard) but it breaks my heart knowing that if she’s ever upset or down about anything I can’t be there for her and the same goes for¬†Imogen too. I wish they could know that I will always be here for them no matter what. I am so so proud of these two girls, Mollie is the sweetest, most amazing kid I know and Immy is just adorable and so bubbly. I wish them nothing but love and happiness and I hope one day we can be a part of each others lives again.

Finally we have my Grandparents. My Nan on my Mum’s side and my Gran and Grandad on my Dad’s side. My Nan is the wildest Grandma I know, she’s the type of Nan who would definitely go on ‘Spring Break With Grandad’. She’s 82 now and it was only a few years ago she was on holiday experiencing a Booze Cruise, what a joker!! She’s entertaing and funny and I coudn’t ask for a cooler Nan.

Gran and Grandad are just the sweetest, they are warm hearted and have hearts of gold. They always look after me and everyone in the family and they completely spoil us all rotten. My Gran actually gives me giggles, she’s so funny with the little things she says and does and my Grandad is just the sweetest. I can’t remember a time they’ve ever been mad at me, we have only fond memories together. I love them with all my heart.

My family mean the world to me and I am blessed to have each and everyone of these people in my life. I love them all so so so much. This post has already gone on for so long now, I feel like I need to call it a day because I could honestly ramble on forever about the love I have for my fam.
So on that note I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone I have mentioned in this post, thank you thank you thank you for making my world so much brighter. I love you all so much.
‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten’.

Major Spring LUSH Haul & Oxford Street Exclusives.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another LUSH haul here on my blog.
This could quite possibly be my biggest LUSH haul yet as I have recently treated myself to a grand total of 17 Lush products… including products from the Easter¬†collection and a few¬†Oxford Street exclusives,¬†hehehe I think I can officially call myself a true LUSHIE now.
We have a lot to get through, so let’s first start with the products I bought from the Easter range…
Firstly I bought the Chick ‘n’ Mix bath bomb which I have already used and although I liked it, I didn’t love it. With this bath bomb, you can split the product into three parts to get more use out of it, or you can use it all together for a really epic bath. I decided to use it all up in one go and I’m glad I did, as separately I wasn’t too keen on the colours each piece turned my bath water but all together it mixed to create a nice blend of colours.
Next up I obviously had to buy the amazing Golden Egg bath bomb which smells deliciously¬†sweet like toffee¬†and is a glitter overload. Like for real this is the most glittery bath bomb I’ve ever come across, I’m definitely saving this one to use before a special occasion so I can sparkle like a superstar ha ha. You can see from my pictures how much glitter I got over my hands just from holding it.

I of course had to buy the Bunch Of Carrots, which is a set of three gorgeous carrot shaped bubble bars in the prettiest Spring colours. I’ve already used up one of my carrots¬†and I have to say,¬†if you are a bubble lover like me then you will love this trio. Just one carrot filled my bath with SO many bubbles, I was really impressed.

Finally from the Easter range I bought the Which Came First? bath bomb, which¬†although at the time¬†I wasn’t overly fussed about purchasing,¬†it’s now one of the products I’m most looking forward to using. Judging by the brief reviews I’ve read, it’s gonna be an egg-citing one (hehe forgive the pun)!!

Easter products all done with, it’s now time for the Oxford Street exclusives part of my haul.

If you follow me on¬†Instagram you may have seen me post about the Roller bath bomb before, which is a gorgeous white / purple bath bomb with a delicious sweet scent that when placed in the bath, turns the water beautiful shades of blues and purples. From my first use of this bath bomb I fell in love and it’s up there on my list as one of my favourite Lush products ever,¬†so obviously when in London I had to stock up. I bought three and I’ve already used one of them, so I’m gonna have to be really careful and savour my other two.

One Oxford Street exclusive I’ve never used before is the Guardian Of The Forest bath bomb and¬†as soon as I saw it I instantly fell in love with its gorgeous green shade. I love the colour and the name of this product, it looks and sounds so lovely so I’m really looking forward to using it.

Adding more products I’ve never used before to my basket, I also bought two of the Metamorphosis bath bombs. I’d never even heard of Metamorphosis before my recent trip to London¬†and I was absolutely buzzing when I first saw it in store.¬†The edgy dark grey shade of this bath bomb¬†is so cool and with a hint of silver sparkle to go with it,¬†I have a feeling this bath bomb is gonna be a good’un which is why I bought two.
As it’s spring now, I of course had to pick up another delicious Grass bubble bar which I’ve used already. Grass is such a lovely, cheerful little product there’s no way I could have left the store without one.
To add to the Spring theme, I just had to pick up the Sacred Lotus bath bomb which is a beautiful, floral product perfect for the spring/ Summer months. I’m looking forward to using this one and I may combine it with one of my carrot bubble bars for the ultimate bath cocktail.

Whilst in Oxford Street I also managed to get my hands on the limited edition Buy One Set One Free bath bomb, which although isn’t an Oxford Street exclusive is¬†a product I couldn’t not buy.¬†This bath bomb was created to support the release Andy Tsege, a man who is currently being held on death row after being kidnapped in June 2014. For more information and to sign for Andy’s release, please click here.

For the third and final part of my haul, we have all the bath bombs I bought which are the ones you can get all year round, most of them being ones I’ve never used before.

For the first time ever, I decided to pick up a Dragons Egg bath bomb. I decided to go for this one as because it was in store right next to Golden Egg some glitter had fallen onto it making it look even more pretty. I’m really excited to use this bath bomb as I love the look of it, very simple but very cute. I also love the name of it!
The Blackberry bath bomb is another product I’ve never used before, so I decided to buy that one too as surely you can’t go wrong with a blackberry themed product?? I’m looking forward to using this!
Yoga bath bomb is another product I picked up which I’ve never tried before, and I’m really glad I decided to treat myself to one as I heard somewhere that it’s being discontinued?? I’ve seen on Instagram loads of #Saveyogabomb tags, so I guess we’ll see what happens, but I’m really pleased I picked one up so if it does go at least I’ve¬†got the chance to try it.
Finally I couldn’t resist picking up one of my all time favourite bath bombs, the Intergalactic bath bomb. I just love how Intergalactic creates the most amazing designs in the bath water and I will never get over how magical it is. I originally bought Intergalactic to use alongside my Unicorn Horn bubble bar however after browsing through Instagram for some ultimate Lush inspo, I saw someone use it with the Golden Egg bath bomb and it looked insane so I might have to do that instead. I can always get another Intergalactic in the coming weeks to use with my Unicorn Horn as thankfully it’s available all year round.
So that wraps up my very long, very awesome LUSH haul, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you ever used any of these LUSH products? Which product is your favourite from the Easter range? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you for reading,