10 Years From Now | 52 Week Blog Challenge

Ten years from now…

Hello everyone!

Today it’s time for Jenny & Britt’s 52 Week Blog Challenge and this weeks topic is 10 years from now. How exciting!


Ten years from now I’m going to be 32 years old and if that isn’t a scary thought to have I don’t know what is! Some say your 30’s are the best years of your life, so I guess that must mean I have a lot to look forward to.

Obviously at the age of 32, I hope to be successful and to have achieved most, if not all of my current life goals. I want to have a career, ideally working for myself with my own business and brand.

I would love to have made a career out of blogging and social media, focusing mainly around travel but also incorporating elements of beauty and makeup into the equation.

As I’m currently working as a Beauty Consultant for Max Factor, a job which I love, I would love¬†to have my own exclusive cosmetics range with the brand – think ‘Jennie For Max Factor’ type of vibes.

I would also love my career to incorporate elements of the Law Of Attraction and be somewhat of a lifestyle coach, as I love spreading positivity, inspiring people and helping people to live the best life they can. I can definitely achieve this as I can focus a lot of my blog posts around the Law Of Attraction, go from there and see what doors the Universe opens up for me.

I hope by the time I am 32 I will be even better travelled than I am now, ideally adding another 30 countries to the list of places I have already visited which would be quite incredible. That’s three new places a year, so very achievable as this year I’ll already be adding another 3, possibly 4 to my list. I especially would have hoped to have visited more of Europe by the time I am 32, including Iceland, Denmark, Venice, the Lake District, Dover, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. South America is another place I’d¬†love to explore a little more of in the next 10 years.

By the time I am 32 I of course want to be a property owner, ideally owning a home in St George’s Hill (I’m nothing if not ambitious). Getting onto the property ladder can be hard and I know that nowadays the average age of a first time buyer in the UK is 30 years old which is shocking, but I for one am striving to own my own home long before I’m 30.

Photo Copyright: RightMove.

Whilst I’m not 100% sure if I want children or not, I definitely want to be married by the time I am 32. I can’t wait to meet my soulmate, fall in love and get married and I definitely want my first marriage to be my only marriage (as I’m sure 99.9% of people do). I hope to be married around the age of 27/28, but who knows what the future holds? It’s pretty crazy to think about myself even being 27, let alone getting married to someone who I most likely don’t even know exists right now.

I hope that at the age of 32 I am still friends with all the wonderful people I am friends with now and that we will still be having the best of adventures together. I hope that Emily, Chantal, Daisy and I are even closer than we are now, with an abundance of wonderful memories to look back on and a friendship so strong it will last a lifetime.

My family mean the world to me, so of course at the age of 32 I hope that my bond with my parents and sister is as strong as ever, and I hope that in the next 10 years we have many happy times together and may all of us achieve our goals. I wish happiness, health, love and wealth for my family during the next ten years and for many more after.

I hope to be financially secure by the time I am 32 and to have an abundance of money I can spend freely as I choose. I would love to be doing more for charity, helping others and making a positive difference to peoples lives.

Most importantly by the time I’m 32 I hope to be blissfully happy, to have inner peace and to be completely, 100% in love with my life.


with that being said,

I’m going to hit publish on this post,

let the Universe do it’s thing,

and check back on this in 10 years time to see exactly how my life turned out.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




Life’s A Rollercoaster | Thorpe Park 2017

“Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life” Zayn Malik.

Last Monday I had the pleasure of spending the day at one of my favourite theme parks Thorpe Park, with my best friends Emily and Chantal, and it was one of my favourite days out of this year so far with fun all round as we enjoyed rollercoasters, KFC and a pit stop at Bicester Village on the way home.

Thorpe Park is¬†located in one of my favourite counties Surrey, (another bonus as to why it’s one of my favourite theme parks) and it’s just an hour¬†away from where the girls and I live. We¬†began our drive down to Thorpe Park at the early but not too early time of 8am, ready to arrive for when the park opened at 10am. We made it in good time so we stopped off at McDonalds first so Chantal could get some breakfast.

We had a bit of a dilemma as we arrived at¬†the park¬†as our tickets were scanning through on the machines as invalid, so we couldn’t get through the barriers. Thankfully our situation was resolved in minutes as the staff members helped us by manually scanning our tickets and letting us through the entrance.


As per usual our first ride of the day was Rush, a giant swing like ride which is terrifying yet fun. Chantal was¬†freaking out a little¬†before the ride started which made me feel more scared than I usually would, so whilst we were swinging back and forth up in the air I really couldn’t wait to be back safely on the ground.

Our second ride of the day was Colossus which is a ten loop rollercoaster¬†and I question why I go on it every time. For the whole duration of the ride¬†your head just bangs constantly on each side of the seat,¬†it’s so painful and I felt so sorry for my poor little head afterwards, it really took a bashing.¬†The rides not even so fun to make it worth the head bashing but still, I know I’ll probably go on it again when the girls and I next go to Thorpe Park.

Look at that loop.

My favourite ride of the day was definitely the rollercoaster SAW, which is obviously based on the film of the same name. SAW has always been one of my favourite rides at Thorpe Park as it’s just so exciting and thrilling, I love¬†everything about the ride, from the theme to the speed to the¬†twists, turns,¬†sudden drops and high climbs.¬†This ride has such an element of surprise as even though I’ve been on it¬†so many times the first drop always seems to come out of nowhere for me which¬†is so exciting. It’s so good that as¬†the ride comes to an end¬†I’m already buzzing to go on it again. Seriously I could spend¬†my whole¬†day on SAW, it’s such a fun ride.

The best rollercoaster ever!

Another favourite rollercoaster of mine is The Swarm although my experience wasn’t so great this time as I had to sit next to a complete random stranger and it was so awkward. Like how am I supposed to enjoy the ride fully with someone I don’t even know sat next to me?¬†It’s not really possible. Regardless,¬†the ride itself was amazing as ever as when you’re on The Swarm you literally feel like you’re flying, even though it’s pretty speedy and of course has the element of excitement all rollercoasters have, I find it a pretty relaxing and calm ride as you get to feel the cool breeze on your face and admire all the beautiful surrounding views of Surrey. I genuinely find it such¬†a peaceful ride and if I could have a replica in my garden to enjoy whenever I pleased I so would.

Pretty pretty views. Obvs I didn’t take this photo whilst on The Swarm – I’m not that skilled a photographer buuuuut this is the view on leaving Thorpe Park. So gorgeous.

One of my favourite things about the day was the fact that the¬†girls and¬†I went on a few rides we usually don’t¬†and Chantal and¬†I also experienced Derren Browns Ghost Train for the first time ever. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed with the Ghost Train as I was expecting it to be a lot more scary and¬†interesting than it actually was.¬†I’m not in a rush to go¬†on it again as once you’ve done it once you don’t really need to a second time, but I would¬†definitely recommend it if you haven’t been on it before¬†so at¬†least you know what it’s like.


Emily and I also went on Depth Charge, a water slide style ride which I used to go on all the time as a kid and literally haven’t been on in years. I forgot how much of a fun ride it is and I would definitely go on this again, it’s one of those rides you could go on three times in a row and enjoy it equally every time. I’m so glad Emily and¬†I went on Depth Charge together!

Happy after Depth Charge.

The ride I was most nervous for was Stealth, as I haven’t been on it in absolute years and the last time I did I got my necklace caught in the overhead seat belt which was a little scary. I mean obviously I was fine but it was enough to put me off for a while. Stealth is also an incredibly fast ride, going from 0-80mph in just two seconds, so I have an irrational fear that my eyes are going to pop out of my head when it sets off. Silly and totally impossible I know but even so, I can’t help feeling a little concerned. It took a lot of encouragement from the girls to get me on this ride but legit I am so glad they persuaded me because I enjoyed it so much. It’s literally the quickest ride ever as it goes so so fast,¬†taking you up and over into an almost vertical drop and before you can so much as blink it’s¬†over, but my word is it exciting. We actually ended up going on it twice and our second¬†time on Stealth was our last ride of the day. Typically for me I got into¬†trouble when leaving the ride, as¬†rather than¬†buying the official ride photo of the girls and I,¬†I took a sneaky picture of the screen instead. The sales assistant demanded I delete the photo which¬†I did obediently¬†and to be honest it’s not so much the end of the world I had to as it wasn’t the most flattering photo of myself I’ve ever seen. I mean how could it be? I’m on a rollercoaster going 80mph, even a Victorias Secret model would struggle to look good in that situation.


The girls and I went on so many rides at Thorpe Park, we got through them all super¬†fast as the queue times were so short and the distance between rides isn’t far at all.¬†The park was open for 5 hours and in that time we managed to do everything we wanted to do, we even managed to do our favourite rides SAW, Stealth and Rush twice. What more could we ask for?

The girls and I left Thorpe Park feeling content as ever, having really enjoyed our day there. On the way home we decided to take a quick detour to Bicester Village, a designer shopping outlet with shops such as Burberry, Pandora and Ralph Lauren. Everything retails cheaper at Bicester Village and I was so impressed at the price of some of the Pandora charms with some being just ¬£10,¬†to call¬†it a bargain would be¬†the understatement of the century.¬†I didn’t buy anything as I’ve really been enjoying saving my money lately and wanted to keep at it, however I am so happy I got to experience the Village as I’d never been before but virtually everyone I know has! Now I can finally stop feeling left out! I’m definitely planning on going back to Bicester Village at some point to treat myself, a day there with the girls before Christmas would be perfect.

I really loved spending quality time with my best friends at Thorpe Park and I had one of my favourite days of the year so far with my favourite people at one of my favourite places. All of the favourites!!! I had so much fun at Thorpe Park and it was super cute to round up the day with a little venture to Bicester Village.


What a wonderful day!

Have you ever been to Thorpe Park? What’s your favourite theme park? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,




How To Survive A Broken Phone

*Disclaimer: This blog post is just a bit of fun and I’m well aware it’s not that deep that my phones broken. Had to throw this in here after my Dad mocked me for the title of the post *insert eye roll emoji here**.

Urgh, so this morning I broke my phone. How annoying. I woke up, the sun was shining, I was in a fab mood then bam, I ended up dropping my phone. You know I thought it was fine because the screen wasn’t smashed but alas I was wrong, the touch pad wasn’t working. I couldn’t swipe right to unlock my phone, I couldn’t press ‘stop’ on my alarm, I couldn’t do anything. It was so frustrating and I spent the best half of this morning in such a foul mood because of it, however I am truly blessed as this afternoon I met up with my besties for a picnic and a walk and they really helped to cheer me up and put me in a positive mood, plus Chantal was also kind enough to give me her old phone to borrow for the next couple of weeks until I can get mine fixed. Literally what a hun. I am so lucky to have such amazing, helpful, and positive friends who make me feel so happy whenever I’m with them.

These gals tho.


As¬†today I haven’t been able to use a phone (until Chantal so kindly lent me hers this evening) I had to find other ways to keep myself busy until I met up with the gals for our picnic this afternoon. With this I came up with the brilliant idea of creating a list of things to do when your phone is broken…

So voila, if you ever find yourself with a broken or lost phone, if you’re unable to use your phone or if you simply want a little social media detox, here’s some ideas of what you can do in those rare moments you’re not glued to your phone.

NUMERO UNO. Learn something!! As I couldn’t use my phone to listen to music whilst waiting for my fake tan to develop today I thought why not listen to a Spanish language tutorial on YouTube. I used my laptop to do this and I know technically this required technology but even so, I know for sure if my phone had been working I wouldn’t have been bothered to put on a Spanish lesson and I’d have just gone with the easy option of listening to my music. Whenever my phone is working and I intend to listen to a Spanish tutorial, I always get so distracted by twitter/ Facebook and Instagram so using my laptop was a welcome way to keep me interested. Plus you don’t need technology to learn, you may have a couple of non fiction books at home you never read and when better a time to pick one of those up and immerse yourself in knowledge than when your phones broken?!

NUMERO DOS. Read. Personally I love reading but lately I’ve just not been doing it enough. Last year I read twenty books and this year I’m only half way through my fourth. As much as I’m super busy lately, I know if I swapped Facebook for an actual book I would be getting through my to be read faster than you could say bookworm! I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and today has been the perfect day for me to get involved further in the novel since I haven’t been distracted by my phone.


NUMERO TRES.Watch a TV show/film and¬†give it your full attention.¬†Does anyone else sit down at home to watch a TV show and spend the whole time with one eye on the screen and one eye on your phone, messaging friends back or tweeting your opinions on the show? A lot of the time when I’m ‘watching’ TV my phones still firmly in my hand and its very rare I give a programme my full attention unless I’m at the cinema or I’m watching my fav show Pretty Little Liars. As much as I love social media, TV and films are so much more enjoyable when you’re not constantly getting distracted by your phone and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed of my Vampire Diaries re-watch because I’ve been so busy scrolling through social media. I don’t even know what’s going on half of the time so¬†without a phone in hand,¬†there’s no better time to really immerse yourself in your current Netflix binge or your fav movie you haven’t watched in years.

NUMERO CUATRO. Spend some quality time with your loved ones. How many people sit at home with the fam of an evening with phones in hands, barely glancing up to talk to one another? I’m not that bad as I’ve always been one for phones away when with friends and family but even so, I’m gonna admit that I’m more than guilty of it at times. A broken phone is the perfect opportunity to take the time to sit down with your friends and family and have some really great, uninterrupted conversations really listening to what one another’s saying. Even without a broken phone I think its so important to be more aware of spending time with your loved ones with your phones tucked away on silent, but that’s a thought for another time…

NUMERO CINCO. Write a gratitude list. Ah gratitude. Is there anything better? When you’re annoyed about something¬†really quite trivial as a broken phone, there’s no better way to lift your spirits than to write a list of the things you’re grateful for. Writing a gratitude list with no distraction of social media is the perfect thing to do if you’re without a phone, as you can fully immerse yourself and consider all the things you have to be¬†thankful for and really focus on all the blessings you have received in your life, so your feelings of gratitude become stronger than ever and your frequency is at it’s highest.


Thankfully my bestie Chantal has now lent me her old phone for the time being, so I don’t have to worry too much about being without a phone but if there’s anything I’ve learnt from my stress this morning is that there is so much more to life than technology and there are so many more activities to get involved in that don’t revolve around social media. Even though I have a phone I can use now, I’m going to bare my ideas I’ve shared with you in mind and live more without my phone.

What do you like to do when not busy on social media? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post,

thank you all for reading,




May Reflections ’17

Compared to the excitement of April, May was a lot more relaxed and being completely honest with you, I simply couldn’t wait for the month to be over¬†knowing¬†Summer was just around the corner. Every day I was thinking¬†hello?? Is it¬†Summer¬†yet?? And now finally it almost¬†is, hurray!
¬†Regardless of how much I’ve been looking forward to the Summer, I made sure to make the most of last month and I spent plenty of quality time with my family and friends.
At the start of the month I went out with the work gals for Atlanta’s birthday. We went to a Turkish restaurant called Melis, a place none of us had been before but had been recommended, and virtually as soon as we arrived we were so impressed with everything about it! As I don’t like Turkish food I didn’t get anything to eat however I was over the moon as the waiters repeatedly brought us over an abundance of free bread which was delicious, it was so tasty and filling¬†it really didn’t matter that I wasn’t eating anything else.¬†The atmosphere of Melis was amazing, with an in house belly dancer and a Shisha area, it would be impossible to go there and not have fun. As we sat at the table munching on our bread, the belly dancer made her way through the restaurant and encouraged others to join her in dancing. She singled out Atlanta to dance with her first which was hilarious, but I couldn’t laugh for too long as she then made her way over to me and dragged me up to dance with her. Although it was slightly embarrassing, I embraced the moment and busted out my best moves for a good few minutes. All in the name of fun right? The girls and I ended the night at a local bar called Missoula, another place I’d never been to before and again I was so impressed!!! I’ll be honest and say when I’ve heard others talking about Missoula I’ve never thought myself ‘oh I must go’ but I absolutely loved it! The music was great and the drinks cheap, I really enjoyed the atmosphere there and I had so much fun dancing. It was great fun to celebrate Atlanta’s birthday with my best work girlies and I can’t wait for our next night out together. We always have so much fun.


Last month I spent a lot of time at the gym and really progressed with my exercises. I started using the treadmill for the first time ever and now one of my favourite things to do is set the gradient to the highest level and speed walk, I find this really gets my heart rate up and even after about just 10 minutes I seriously feel like I’ve done the most epic workout. I also enjoyed working on my abs more as I started doing more sit ups at home and doing Russian Twists with Medicine Balls at the gym.
Just to clarify the speed is 0 because I was too busy taking a photo to be able to move at this point but most of the time I was going above 100!
I had a really lovely evening with my parents last month, as the weather was beautiful so my Dad and I went for a drink at the pub and my Mum joined us after work. We had such a lovely time together and it was generally just one of those lovely nights which is simply happy and blissful. Perfect.
I ended the month how I started it, with a night out. This time I went out with my besties Emily, Chantal and Daisy and we started the night off at Emily’s house for pre drinks. Pre drinks was so much fun and we all had so many laughs and giggles together, we played a drinking game called Pass Out which is based around a mix between Monopoly and tongue twisters. So much fun. We danced, took selfies and had lots to drink. By the time we made it out to the club we’d definitely had plenty to drink and I almost got kicked out because I tried to pour my own drink… Oops hahaha. I’m such a rebel, but c’mon it’s funny to look back on.
The day after our night out I went for breakfast with Emily and Chantal which was delicious. I had a full fry up and omg it tasted so good. Then Daisy joined us for dessert at Kaspa’s and a browse around the shops. It was such a fun day and the perfect round up to a night out as we did the typical thing of reminiscing on the night before, we laughed and bantered and generally just had fun together. I love my besties!!! We always have the funniest chats after our nights out.
And that rounds up the month of May!
All in all it was a good month but oh my gosh am I happy June/Summer is here, roll on the next few months I have so much to look forward to.
I hope everyone had an amazing month last night and may June ’17 be your best one yet.
What was your May highlight? Let me know in the comments below.
Thank you all for reading,

My Favourite Holiday | 52 Week Blog Challenge

Hello everyone!

Today it’s 52 week blog challenge time – don’t forget to check out Jenny and Britt’s blogs as they are the inspirations behind this challenge.

The most recent 52 week blog challenge post I wrote was one of my favourites being the top 5 places I’d like to travel and I’m v. v. excited as todays prompt is again on the topic of travel – this time being My Favourite Holiday.


Be prepared because this post could get rambly as I’ve been fortunate enough to go on quite a few wonderful holidays, from America to Magaluf to Amsterdam, I couldn’t possibly pick just one favourite.

So let me talk about my top 3.

The three I mentioned above. America, Magaluf and Amsterdam.

Back when I was 15, I visited the USA with my parents and brother and we had the most adventurous time together. We explored so much as although¬†our base hotel was¬†located in Anaheim,¬†California,¬†we also road tripped to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arizona and Mexico. I¬†was blessed enough to¬†have¬†some amazing experiences¬†during those two weeks with my family with the highlights being staying in the New York, New York hotel in Vegas, seeing the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon, falling in love with Arizona and taking a helicopter ride around LA. Not forgetting either seeing the walk of fame,¬†lazing in bed watching the Disney Channel every morning eating doughnuts, playing Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez¬†albums¬†on a loop whilst we¬†road tripped and generally just having epic fun with my family. When I look back I realise just how lucky I am to have parents who took me on such a wonderful adventure and who have allowed me to see and experience so much of the world. I am so thankful for the adventures we have shared and continue to share together – ALSO this was my first and only holiday abroad with my brother, how crazy is that?? It was great to get to spend more quality time with him and I’m so happy he got to experience the USA with me.

Magaluf with the girls last year has to go down as another of my favourite holidays because it was just so much fun, with so many new experiences, laughter upon laughter¬†and parties 24/7 I wish I could go back with the girls right now.¬†Emily, Chantal and I¬†had the best time together¬†in Magaluf and we¬†made the best of memories to last a life time, every time I think about this holiday¬†I’m filled with such happiness and love for my besties. Some of the highlights of the holiday have to include ‘Freshers Night’, experiencing a Booze Cruise for the first time ever and Parasailing with Chantal.¬†For sure one¬†of the funniest memories¬†from the holiday just has to be the TOWEL THIEF. Hahaha, such good times. The girls and I are¬†thinking¬†about returning¬†to Magaluf again next year so all I can say is roll on Summer 18.

Last but by no means least has to be the city break I took to Amsterdam last year with my best friend Emily.¬†The few days we spent in Amsterdam were honestly some of the best of my life, Emily and I had such a brilliant time together and we really explored and experienced so much. Visiting the Anne Frank House was¬†by far the highlight of the trip, as it was so moving and insightful and I feel so¬†incredibly blessed that I got to visit such an important, historical place. I would¬†go again tomorrow if I could and I’d highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in ‘Dam. God bless Anne Frank. Other highlights of the trip include visiting Madame Tussauds, having all the fun at the fair and¬†chilling in the Ice Bar which was literally so cool. Amsterdam definitely ranks high up as one of my favourite places in the world (plus they do the best Nutella waffles I’ve ever tasted) and I can’t wait to go back, I’m just so thankful I got to visit last year with my best friend and make so many wonderful memories with her! Thank you Emily for being my¬†ultimate travel buddy.

This year I have two big holidays planned and one weekend break away so I am really looking forward to those, I’m positive they could even end up surpassing the trips I mentioned above as my new favourite holidays. Time will tell…

What has been your favourite holiday so far? What trips do you have planned for this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




May In Instagrams | Motivational Quotes

¬°Hola Amigos!

How is everyone?

Today it’s time for my May in Instagrams, yay! It feels like only yesterday I was publishing my April in Instagrams, time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

To be honest, my Instagram wasn’t the most exciting of Instas last month. May was a pretty quiet month for me so I didn’t have many pictures of my own¬†to post, so I leaned more towards inspirational quotes and a few posts to promote my blog.

My first Instagram of May! Can you tell I’m super excited to go to Disney Land next month? This picture was taken in February 2015. The weather was so cold and windy, so Emily and I made sure to wrap up in scarves and coats. When we go in July, the weather should hopefully be a lot warmer.
Just me and my work gals out celebrating Felicia’s (Atlanta’s) birthday!!! We went to a Turkish restaurant called Melis, a new venue for me and I was so impressed. We were given an abundance of free bread, the entertainment was on point with an in house belly dancer who made Atlanta and I get up and dance with her, the staff were all so friendly and fun and the general atmosphere of the restaurant was so positive. A great night out- if you ever find yourself in MK get down to Melis! You won’t be disappointed.
Oh my God, look at this deliciousness. I wouldn’t mind another one of these cakes right now please. This was my first time ever trying a Red Velvet cake and I’m here now thinking I’ve been missing out for so many years. So tasty. Who else loves Red Velvet cake?
I just love this quote, it’s so inspiring and truly is real life goals. For me personally, making others happy and bringing joy to peoples lives is one of my most important goals and I think it’s so important that we all aspire to leave the people we meet with a smile on their face.
Hello New York!!! Just a cheeky throwback photo to promote a blog post. Isn’t my hat and ear muff combination just style goals? Ha ha.
Gigi knows. I love this positive quote! It’s okay to treat yourself, your diet doesn’t always have to be the healthiest. It can pay to be a little unhealthy sometimes you know?
More blog promo with another inspirational quote. Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. I love this quote, it’s so true. Do what makes you happy and let the Universe worry about the rest.
A little picture to celebrate a lovely evening with my parents at the pub on a gorgeous sunny day. I love spending quality time with my parents.
This this this this this x1000. Nothing so important as spreading love and kindness. Treat everyone good and make the world a better place.

That concludes my May in Instagrams round up. I told you I posted a lot of motivational quotes last month!!!

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I hope everyone enjoyed this post. Thank you all for reading.




All The Worlds A Stage

Growing up with a Musical Theatre loving sister and even attending a performing arts school myself, I’ve always had an interest in all things stage.

I love going to see theatre shows and I’m lucky enough to have seen a fair few in my lifetime, most recently I saw School Of Rock in the West End and it was amazing. I need to go see it again although I’m gutted that David Fynn is no longer playing Dewey, he was the perfect guy for the role. Like better than Jack Black even. But I wish him all the best with his future career, I’ve no doubt he’ll be amazing whatever he does.

As I love the theatre so much and there are an abundance of musicals and plays out there, today I’ve decided to compile a bucket list of the ones I would most like to see in the not so distant future.

Starting with The Lion King. How have I not seen this yet already? Everyone whose seen it says how amazing it is and as an avid Disney fan and owner of a giant Simba I think it’s time I got myself a ticket. Who’s coming with me?


Secondly I would just love to see Wicked in the West End because again it’s one of those shows that everyone loves and says how brilliant it is. My sister has seen Wicked three times and I’m sure she would love to go again, so I’d be over the moon if we went to see it together. I’ll have to treat us both to tickets at some point. As my sister loves Wicked so much I’ve heard some of the songs from the show and they are all beautiful and powerful, I’m gonna listen to a couple after I write this post actually because uh, they are just too good.

Mamma Mia is another must see musical. I’m actually currently watching the film version as I type, how feel good is this musical?? It’s currently on at my local theatre¬†but I wasn’t able to get tickets, fortunately though¬†it’s still showing at the West End so I’ll be able to see it there.

One musical which always¬†grabs my attention¬†when I see it advertised is Kinky Boots, it looks like such a fun show and with songs by Cyndi Lauper it’s bound to be a joy to watch. I must go and see this asap!!!

This time not a musical, The Mousetrap is a play I really want to see even though I actually have not the faintest idea what it’s about, although I believe it to be a mystery type of play? I just want to see it because I’ve heard many people talk about how good it is and I’ve heard there’s a twist at the end which really intrigues me. I need to know what that is…

What’s your favourite theatre show? Have you ever seen any on my list? What would you most like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading,