You Have ALWAYS Been Good Enough | Poetry

I want you to know

You’re perfect as you are

Every perfect freckle

Every perfect scar

Your body is your temple

The story of your life

Treat your home with kindness

Baby see how you shine


Skinny thighs

Hazel, blue, brown, green eyes

You’re perfect as you are

The Universe formed you

From the stars

Please know you’re worth it

Even when you don’t feel ‘perfect’

You’re not here to lose or gain weight

You’re here to have fun and celebrate

Do what makes you happy

Do what makes you feel ALIVE

If it feels good then do it

If it doesn’t

Leave it to one side

Don’t ever change for anyone

Unless it’s for yourself

Take your goals and succeed

Still protect your mental health

Because you’re already perfect

Even when you don’t see

The beauty in your own skin

Please at least believe in me

Believe the words I’m saying

These words that ring so true

This world is so lucky

To be blessed with you

You’re here for a reason

The Universe wants you to thrive

So take a look in that mirror

And see the stardust in your eyes

See your body as the gift

Of life and having fun

Those arms with which you write with

The legs through which you may run

The smile that raises smiles

Causing a ripple in the world

The magic in your temple

The beauty in your twirl

Remember you are perfect

Remember you’re enough

And please everyday remember

You are so worthy of love

You are enough

You’re more than good enough

You’ve always been good enough

You are forever worthy of love


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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. “The Universe formed you from the Stars” is probably one of my favourite lines I’ve read on the internet today and it’s 10:30am ! So beautiful my friend, I adore your writing. xo


  2. “Don’t ever change for anyone unless it’s for yourself.”

    Yes!!! Love this! This poem is so powerful! Thank you so much for sharing this empowering piece!


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