My Favourite Meditation | Honouring Your Inner Goddess

Hello my sweet Divine Earth Angels, how are you today?

I am so excited for today’s post, as it’s all about one of my favourite meditations. I love meditation, and recently I’ve been getting more & more into my guided meditations. It’s become part of my daily routine, and I’ve noticed such a difference this year already thanks to all the inner work I’m doing – from my gratitude journal to of course, meditations.

There are so many incredible benefits to meditation. I often like to describe meditation as a ‘shower for the mind’, it’s cleansing & healing, a form of self care & a great way to manifest. As I said – there are so many positive benefits to meditating. I will be sharing more as I go, but today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite meditations focusing on Goddess Energy.

Tapping into my Goddess Energy & the Divine Feminine aspect of myself is something I’m really enjoying currently, and based on this month’s Oracle reading it’s a journey that I’m going to be enjoying continuing with. I LOVE Goddess Energy!!! Self love, honouring my inner Goddess – it’s such a dreamy experience and the following meditation I am going to share with you is such a gorgeous meditation, that will have you feeling all the beautiful Goddess Energy.

‘Venus Goddess Meditation – Rachel Hillary Heart Of Venus’

Having been enjoying tapping into my Goddess & Divine Feminine energy these past few weeks, I really wanted to find a gorgeous Goddess Venus meditation as Venus is the Goddess of Love, and with tapping into my Goddess Energy & my Divine Feminine, I really wanted to enhance my love energy with that, to radiate love, to be love. I am so thankful I found this glorious meditation, it’s truly so dreamy and even just thinking about this meditation as I write feels magickal – the atmosphere & energy this meditation creates is stunning. This meditation guides you to the beautiful planet of Venus, with all the pink, purple Goddess vibes – beautiful scenery, magickal atmosphere. This meditation has you feeling DIVINE. The imagery & feeling is stunning. I love this meditation also as it includes Chakra harmonising for all of the main 7 chakra’s which I think is absolutely brilliant. I love Chakra work so the fact this meditation incorporates this in such a lovely way is perfect.

This meditation is so dreamy & will really help to create that dreamy Goddess Energy within you, having you feel so magick and Divine. Glorious!!!

I adore using this meditation alongside other self care / Goddess practices such as a great skincare routine – moisturise and oil up your body with your favourite skincare products and relax into your dreamy Goddess energy. Whilst applying your skincare, I recommend listening to some lovely Goddess affirmations as you do so – today I recommend Isabel Palacios’ Self Love & Beauty Affirmations.

To enhance your Goddess energy and self love even further and to really honour yourself, relax in your favourite way, write yourself a little self love letter & enjoy some mirror work where you repeat positive, loving affirmations to yourself out loud, you can use ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘You are beautiful’ as you look yourself in the eyes in the mirror – whichever term ‘I’ or ‘You’ resonates most – I use both depending!!! You could also read your self love letter out to yourself whilst doing your mirror work as well as the affirmations, I have been inspired to do this after reading Emma Mumford’s Positively Wealthy book where she suggests this practice, and it really is amazing & such a great way to connect to yourself lovingly.

Honour your Inner Goddess Queen – you deserve it.

What do YOU love about YOU!? What are your favourite forms of self care? How do you honour your Inner Goddess? To raise all your self love vibes & lift the love in the Universe, if you feel comfortable I’d love it if you commented down below a little self love spree for yourself, giving yourself multiple loving compliments.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with so much love,


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  1. I haven’t meditated in a very long time and I remember liking them and it made a difference in my mental state, I really need to get back into it 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂


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