It’s All Magick | December Poetry Advent | Happy Christmas!

We drink the knowledge of Mother Earth

We hold the wisdom inside of us

We are the wisdom inside of us

We are the trees. Mother Earth holds so much, teaches so much. I wish to get rooted in nature, explore Wonderland, embody Wonderland as I see the wonder of nature in my heart & I dip my feet in the grass & connect with the Earth & align with her wisdom. ‘Nature never rushes and she is always on time’. We grow in the wombs of our Mothers. That’s magick. We have lives that link us to past lives, signs on our body of where we’ve been before, we laugh in our sleep. We have epiphanies. We all know and experience magick. There is wisdom & knowledge & secrets & magick in every raindrop. The trees house lovers, from humans to squirrels. The sea knows love. In the depths of each beach, each grain of sand carries a story. Trees, fall down, to make fairies playground. The Universe guides us, to meet new friends & lovers in the most exciting & unexpected way. You start a blog to heal after a relationship & you make new friends through it, true friends, who you catch up with often & who you laugh so good with, the friends who you forever look forward to seeing again, you go out one evening, just for a couple of hours, and all of a sudden you meet the man you want to marry. You say ‘it’s always a magickal time when we’re together’ then next thing you’re making up TikTok dances & a monk comes along & shares his wisdom & advice with you. Friendship, love, laughter. It’s all magick.

Inspired by Louise Hay- you can heal your life & other avenues of Inspiration – ❤️

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ – Lao Tzu

May you forever be awake to the magick of this Universe, the magick of your soul, and the magick of all that you are.

I just want to say too – if you abbreviate the title of this poem ‘It’s All Magick’ it creates I AM – It’s all magick to I Am Magick is how I see this! Forever.

I hope you enjoyed this December Poetry Advent, have a blessed day, a blessed Christmas and a blessed forever. Lots of love, and thank you for reading.

For more of my poetry, please click here.


  1. This gave me goos bumps! I absolutely adore this! Also that book by Louise Hay is LIFE changing! Such a great read and reference! Thanks for sharing love! I hope you had the best holiday season and an amazing New Year! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww that means so much thanks Kate you Goddess! Eeek I haven’t finished the book yet- its taken me quite a long time to read to be honest because its so in depth / theres loads of tasks but it is good and I’m looking forward to finishing it then lending to a friend ❤ Thanks so much beautiful and the same to you ❤ Happy New Year! xxx


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