A Very Festive Weekend. – Part One.

Six more sleeps to go, six more sleeps ’til Santa, six more sleeps ’til the big fat fella comes down your chimney and brings you presents and drinks your beer, six more sleeps ’til Santa…

So with just under a week to go until Christmas day, the festivities have officially begun and the Christmas spirit has arrived!

This past weekend has been one filled with happiness, laughter and friendship and I’m 100% feeling the festive cheer and have to say me and the gals did good this year.

Kicking the weekend off in the right way, I went for a lovely dinner at the carvery on Friday night with my gorgeous besties Emily and Chantal. Usually the girls and I will go for a Nando’s or Frankie and Benny’s, we have never been for a carvery together before so it was sweet to do something different and also very Christmassy.

Emily, Chantal and I had a lovely time together, with fab conversations and so many giggles. I love spending time with these gals!

You can never have too much mash.


Next on the agenda was a night out on Saturday for my friend Vikki’s birthday. Forgetting our planned trip to Nando’s and instead opting for a quick and easy McDonald’s, we made sure everyone knew how classy we were as we each downed a cheeky shot in the fast food restaurant.

Gals Gals Gals.


We then headed to Wetherspoon’s to get the drinks in and sit down for a giggle, mainly at my expense since I spilt my whole drink all over me. For goodness sake, what am I like? It was a full drink too, I’d had about one sip, such a waste. Luckily the hand dryers in the ladies worked wonders and I was good to go in no time.

Spoons Selfie.


Drinks finished we headed for a jam sesh in Rachel’s car and Vikki, Atlanta and I shared a Malibu and coke together. Rachel doesn’t drink, hence why she drove, and we had the best time chilling in her car singing and dancing along to all the best tunes. Think of it like a carpool karaoke, but perhaps more wild if Atlanta’s performance of Robbie Williams ‘Let Me Entertain You‘ is anything to go by. I have never seen anything more hilarious, Atlanta is hands down one of the funniest people I have ever met.

Half an hour or so later, it was time for CLUBBING!! We went to Revolution, better known as REVS, which is one I go to every now and then but not too often. I have to say I had so much fun at REVS, it’s a great place and I’ll definitely be heading back soon.

I definitely drank a little too much, and the girls and I did lots and lots of shots, of course making sure Vikki had the birthday cake shot. We danced the night away and had so much banter in the smoking area, it was a crazy funny night and I had the best time.



Before heading home Vikki and I went for another cheeky McDonald’s. As we sat in McDonald’s I could not stop laughing because Vikki is just too funny, she kept shouting that Ronaldo was in McDonald’s, I wish ha ha. We also had to put up with a very drunk guy sitting next to us, waffling on in my ear. I was like ‘mate, I don’t even know you’ to which he turns and screeches at me ‘HI! YOU KNOW ME NOW’, too funny. Vikki and I were in stitches, this girl honestly brings out the funniest, wackiest, giggliest side of me and I love her lots.

Vikki and I live close to each other, so after scoffing our faces with cheese bites we shared a taxi home and I went to bed a very happy, chirpy gal, ready to get a good nights sleep in before the next day of fun and festivities with the girls…


  1. J, you girls are SO pretty! What a perrrfect girls night! What is that puff thing and is that mashed potatoes and gravy oozing out of it bc I’m literally over here drooling and instantly turned hungry! Hope you guys danced your heart out, I cant remember the last time I went clubbing but every now and then I totally think about it and miss those day. I love dancing more than anything!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Right, before I properly reply to this comment I have to say that puff thing is called a Yorkshire Pudding and they are the best things in the world, I’m guessing you don’t get them in the US?? When I lived in Spain, I had to get my Gran to send me Yorkshire pudding mix over in the post I love them that much!! You can get big ones too and put a whole roast dinner inside! You NEED to try them. and thank you so so much!! ❤ we did! Aw, to be honest the best thing about clubbing is the dancing! Ever thought of joining a dance class? xx

      Liked by 1 person

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