2019 Travel Bucket List

Hello everybody!

As I’m sure you’re all totally aware by now, my absolute passion in life is travel. I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere (I mean, within reason). I have one more trip planned for the end of this year and then nothing booked until next October, which is a very long time for me to go without travel, so with that said I’ve decided to speak my desires into existence and create a 2019 Travel Bucket List, filled with all the places I aspire to visit next year.




So for years Iceland has been on my bucket list, and I’ve still yet to go. I really would love to go for my birthday next year however I’m not sure if the Universe has something better for me planned, like there’s a part of me that feels like Iceland is not the one for me this birthday. However, I still want to go so I’m keeping it on my Bucket List and letting the Universe decide what’s best for me. All I know is, I definitely want to visit Iceland at some point in the near future and if it’s in 2019, then I’ll be more than happy.


I really want to visit Copenhagen, especially in the Winter as I’ve heard it’s just like a fairytale. This is another option for my birthday destination list so we’ll see, but anytime in January or February I’d be happy with, or even next November or December. As long as it’s during the Winter!


Another option for my birthday! Istanbul is somewhere I’d really love to visit as it looks completely different to anywhere I’ve ever been before with a lot of culture and so many amazing buildings to admire and appreciate. I think I would feel so alive and excited spending time in Istanbul and it’s somewhere I really do hope I get the opportunity to visit soon.


Ah Russia, somewhere I have always wanted to go yet somehow always forget about when planning trips, but not this time. Russia is on the list. I’d love to visit Moscow especially and visit the Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral, I feel like that would be an incredible experience and very unique, as I don’t know anyone else other than my Dad who has been to Russia.


I visited Strasbourg briefly in the Summer and thought it was absolutely beautiful, but the main reason I’d like to go back is because my Dad adores it there, so I’d love to revisit with my parents next year. Now, because the three of us visited as a family this year I have a little way of feeling like Strasbourg is our place. A place that’s very dear to me and will always make me think of my parents so I hope we get the chance to visit together again next year and make more precious memories in ‘our’ place.


Amsterdam is one of my favourite places that I have ever visited in the whole world, it’s so alive and electric and has so much to offer, I’ve been dreaming of going back since my first trip. I’ve always wanted to take my mama to Amsterdam because I know she’d love the Anne Frank House and she’s always wanted to see the tulips, so next year I really hope I can fulfill this goal and visit ‘Dam with my parents.


I totally fell in love with Italy when I visited this year and I’m desperate to go back, to alllll of the locations. My main goal is to go back to Sorrento in the Summer with my Mum and Dad and we can take a day trip into Pompeii again and maybe do a weekend in Rome in between, but I would love to go back to Tuscany too, and experience Venice for the first time. But the focus is Sorrento, anything else will just be an added blessing.


Although I live in the UK, I have never stepped foot outside of England except when it comes to going abroad abroad, if that makes sense. I’ve not ventured anywhere else in the United Kingdom and I seriously think it’s about time. Edinburgh is on my list because from the pictures I’ve seen it looks like a beautiful city with a lot to offer, I’d especially like to visit Edinburgh Zoo with my bestie so we can see the panda! Edinburgh is somewhere Emily and I have talked about a lot, so I hope we get the chance to visit together, and hopefully in 2019!

Disney Land Paris

I love love love Disney Land Paris and wish I could go every year (not that I do to bad to be fair, I’ve been three times in the past four years). I feel like Disney Land is a special place for me, because I always visit with my bestie so I want to make more memories with her there next year, yes please Universe.



Okay so I really want to go to Disney land Paris next year, but I’m also hoping to visit Paris Paris next year too. I totally adore everything Paris has to offer, with so many wonderful things to see and do there, even though I’ve been a couple of times already I still have a lot to tick off my bucket list from visiting Sacré Couer to the Notre Dame and climbing to the top of the Arc De Triomphe, I would love to experience Paris again.


Well I’ve got Florida booked so I know this is a given, but I couldn’t really not include it on my bucket list could I?! But because I know it’s booked, I’m just going to say I hope I have the HAPPIEST time in Florida with Emily next year. The trip of our lives so far. Yes please and thank you!

I am so excited to be speaking these trips into existence and I’m very much looking forward to more travel and adventure all around the world. Bring it on!

Where would you most like to visit in 2019? Where is number one on your travel bucket list right now? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Awesome list! I hope you get to visit all of these places, Jennie!! Amsterdam, Paris, & Tokyo are on top of my travel list!
    Have so much fun on your last trip of the year wherever you are going & in Florida in 2019! 😊

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