#SmearForSmear 2018

Hi everyone! This week is quite possibly one of the most important weeks of the month, if not year, as it is officially Cervical Cancer Prevention week (22nd – 28th January). During this week, Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust run a campaign known as #SmearForSmear which is designed to raise awareness of the importance of smear tests.

To participate in the #SmearForSmear campaign, you must take a selfie with your lipstick smeared across your mouth and then share on social media to raise awareness and highlight the importance of smear tests and to remind your friends, family and followers just how important they are.

Smear tests are designed to detect early stages of cervical cancer, therefore preventing it if any signs are detected.


It’s absolutely shocking to hear that the number of women who are attending their smear tests is falling. Personally I can’t think of an appointment more important to attend. Smear tests are free for woman aged 25 and over but most importantly, they can be life saving and I can’t highlight enough just how crucial they are.

I think everyone should be made more aware of just how important it is for all women to be attending their smear tests.

Ladies, if you are 25 and over and haven’t attended your smear test yet, this is the encouragement you need. Go go go! Whats stopping you?

Attend your smear test, reduce your risk of cervical cancer.

For more information on the #SmearForSmear campaign and Jo’s Cervical Cancer trust please click here and don’t forget to share your #SmearForSmear selfies on all your social medias! You could save a life by doing so.

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