B Is For Barcelona

Let’s pretend we’re dancing in the streets, in Barcelona.

Guys! I want to go to Barcelona SO much. It’s definitely top of my bucket list right now (okay, along with a good few other places LOL), but Barcelona is the place I’m actively trying to manifest visiting right now. I’ve set pictures of Barcelona as the background on my phone (vision board style), I’m gonna listen to Barcelona by Ed Sheeran on repeaaat for about a day (you know I don’t want to overdo it) and I am totally going to visit this vibrant city ASAP!

Now, I have actually been to Barcelona once before but that was when I was a lot younger so I really don’t remember it at all. I have pictures, but I’d really love to visit again now I’m older and can appreciate it more. The memories I make now I know I’m going to be able to remember in years to come! I’m hoping to visit with mi familia, since that’s who I went with before so it would be lovely to have this opportunity to create memories with them there again. Although of course I’d be grateful to visit with any of my loved ones but hey, I’m not planning on just going back the once am I? Of course I hope to visit Barcelona many, many times!

The main reason I want to go to Barcelona is for the amazing architecture, and I especially want to visit Park Güell, described on its website as ‘where architecture and nature get together’. This sounds (and looks) like my dream destination. I adore both nature and architecture, so to experience this mix of both in one place would be absolutely incredible and so perfect for me.

What I love about Barcelona is how there are also beaches there, making it the perfect Summer holiday destination as you can have both a mix of that ‘city break exploring vibe’ but also, you can enjoy all the Summery activities like sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Barcelona really seems like the perfect destination for me, as it has a mix of everything which I could want!

I’m really hoping that I do get to visit beautiful Barcelona sometime soon, because I just know I would really love it but for now, I shall leave you with the one picture I could find from my first ever trip to Barcelona, way back when.

I LOOK SO HAPPY! Also LOL, the audacity of my parents dressing me in a ‘Paris’ t-shirt when we were actually in Barcelona. LOL. I’m so excited to visit this incredible city again and make some more epic memories, I hope I am as happy next time I visit as I clearly was this time… it makes me so emotional seeing little me looking so joyous omg. I was clearly having the best time and I am so grateful to my parents for taking me on this trip. Bring on next time!

Have you ever been to Barcelona, would you like to visit someday? Where’s top of your travel bucket list right now? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Thank you all for reading,




  1. I would love to pretend I am dancing in the streets of Barcelona with ya! That picture is so adorable. Melts my heart! You were a cutie!! (still are of course, hehe!). Top of my bucket list is just allll of Europe!

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    1. YES! Aw thank you hun, it actually made me cry to be honest loool but you know as an adult we can be so hard on ourselves, so when I saw that picture of me, so young and carefree and happy I thought how could I ever not love myself you know? Does that make sense? 😂😂 feel like I got a bit deep there but literally that’s just how I feel! hehe thanks hun! Ah Europe is just too amazing, I hope you get to visit ASAP!

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      1. Aww that’s so sweet and makes total sense!!! I love that perspective though- important to be kind to ourselves at any age!

        I always love your thoughts! ❤️❤️

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  2. I am emotional over that baby photo of you, too. It is SO dang cute!! I’ve always wanted to visit Barcelona since the Cheetah Girls did, lol. I hope you get to go soonsoonsoon! Your manifestations always come to life! ♡

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    1. Hehe thanks hun! It melts my heart whenever I see it looool but honestly, like that was me! I don’t know if that makes sense but you know… Omg I have never seen The Cheetah Girls 😥 Have I missed out?? I sooo want to go and I hope you get to visit soon too!!! We will both get there someday. Thanks so much Hunida, and your comments are always so motivating they make me believe in me ❤ Have a great weekend Hunida!

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      1. GIRL, YES. You are missing out if you’ve never seen the Cheetah Girls lol. I LOVED them when I was a kiddo!! We will def both make it to all of our dream destinations sometime in the future. 🙂 You should always believe in yourself, you are so amazing & can do anything you set your heart to. ❤


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