Pizza, Engagements and CAKE (Weekend Highlights)

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog! How is everybody today?

Today, for the first time in AGES, we have a weekend highlights post. Hurrah, let’s celebrate! I’m ready to start getting back into the swing of these, hopefully doing them on a regular basis, so let’s recap the weekend just gone.

My weekend started on Friday evening, when I met up with one of my best friends Emily for dinner. We ate at Pizza Hut, where we had the nicest server who recommended us the jalapeño poppers for our starter as he said they were his absolute fave. Although I was tempted, I was more in the mood to stick with what I knew I’d like on this evening (I’m not sure I’m the greatest jalapeño fan, I’ve only ever tried them the once if memory serves correctly) so instead Emily and I ordered two sides of cheesy triangles and sweet potato fries to share. The cheesy triangles were yummy (if not a little too cheesy… wait what? Is there such a thing as too cheesy? Nah, we’ll forget I just said that… ok, they were quite cheesy but I’d definitely get them again), the sweet potato fries however were not fab, we rated them about a 7 out of 10, and would NOT get again.

For my main I had a yummy margharita pizza, would you expect anything else from me? I don’t think so. I always get margharita! And then for dessert I treated myself to some Heavenly cookie dough. Out of all the places I’ve eaten cookie dough (not many to be fair), Pizza Hut is my favourite so far. I guess that makes up for the sweet potato fries situation, the cookie dough is divine. 10/10 would get again.

After eating, Emily and I met up with another of our amazing friends Chantal and we did a spot of shopping, then once we were done I took a lovely stroll back home which was just lovely. I love walking, it’s so refreshing and beautiful to be out in nature. God bless Mother Earth.


On Saturday, I had an exciting day as together with my sisters best friend and my parents / my sisters fiancés parents (sooo many people), we had planned a surprise engagement party for my sister and her fiancé! Beautiful! We have been planning this for months now and it went brilliantly! My sister was SO confused when they came in, her fiancé was grinning but my sister just looked so baffled. I was thinking ‘please say something’. Bless her, she said she felt like she was in a dream and it was so surreal, to see everybody in her fiancés parents house (where we held the party) thinking, why is my best friend here? She doesn’t know these people? As we showed them the engagement banners, the cakes and the balloons, it sunk in and they genuinely were so surprised! They had no clue that this party was happening for them, and I’m so glad we got to treat them to this day. I hope it made them feel so so special just as they deserve, and I am grateful that I got to share this lovely day with such wonderful loved ones celebrating my beautiful sister and her fiancé. I am so excited to get planning my sisters Hen Do now, and make it the most special ever.


As well as the day being super lovely and special, of course in typical me fashion, I did experience some incidents, when do I not? I think it’s my sisters fiancés parents house, something always happens to me there that’s just so silly and dramatic (but not tooo dramatic thank goodness). Last time I was there, I got my bodysuit caught in my Ted Baker skirt and had to cut myself out of the outfit (devastated as I was because this was my favourite bodysuit, luckily my Mum, ever my hero, managed to stitch it back up for me) and this time not only did I get BITTEN BY A CAT, but I narrowly missed being shat on by a bird. BRILLIANT! Luckily, the bird poo didn’t actually land on me, but it was so close. I was sat down on the outside sofa, and it just landed next to me, it must have missed me by an inch. They say if a bird poos on you it’s good luck, and although this missed me, it was still so close I am fully taking the good luck. Gimme all the good stuff, please!


On this day I also ate three slices of cake, so it’s safe to say the health and fitness goals are going just perfectly… but HEY. The cake was amazing, I’d have been a fool to only have one slice! Meh, I can be good another day.


My parents and I left the party in the evening, and caught the most gorgeous sunset on the way home. Isn’t Mother Earth just the most beautiful, glorious gift that keeps on giving? Wow! We are so lucky to live on this breathtaking, incredible planet. Thank you Mother Earth.


Of course on Sunday, it was Fathers Day but I didn’t do a lot to celebrate. I spent the day at home chilling out with my fam, and of course watching Love Island. Is anybody else watching this year? It was a pretty toned down, relaxed Fathers Day but it was cherished all the same. I got to see my Dad smile and spend time with him, and that’s all that matters to me. My love goes out to all Fathers, Mothers and families, and anybody who’s father isn’t with them in physical presence on this day and all days. Though you may not see them, your loved ones are forever by your side. ❤️

I had such a lovely weekend this weekend, and it’s made me look forward to the rest of the ones I have ahead of me this year and forever. I have a lot of exciting things to come and I’m so excited to continue sharing my adventures with you here on my blog. I can’t believe this is my first weekend highlights in forever, bring on SO many more!

How did you spend your weekend? What was your weekend highlight? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,

Love and light and happiness,




  1. Your weekend was amazing,i loved reading and I’m glad it’s back i especially loved your sister’s engagement party and mother nature the beauty
    My weekend was fun,brother got into college fully and an unprayed and prayed prayers being answered …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you angel! The engagement party was a beautiful weekend! I am so excited for more family celebrations to come! YAY, that’s great news congratulations to your brother! I am glad your prayers are being answered. God is good!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you angel! Yes, it was my sisters best friends idea originally, she is such a great friend! Now I just want to do even more for my sister hehe! They were so yummy! Thanks for stopping by xx


  2. Ah I sent it too soon I wasnt done! Lol
    I was just going to say that I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and that you had such a great weekend. It’s okay to have eaten cake, when it was shark week for me, my cravings were too much so I caved lol. It happens. So long as you keep working towards your goals it’s no biggie 😉 have another amazing weekend!!


  3. Yay, Jennie!! So excited to see this post from you. ♡

    The pizza & dessert look absolutely delish & the surprise party sounds like a blast!! I can’t believe you were bitten by a cat lol, I have 3 & have never experienced that. 🤣 I’d say the good luck was the poop not landing on your perfect white outfit!! & I’m so confused about the body suit situation LOL how the heck did you get stuck?! 🤣 You are too funny, babe!!

    Liked by 1 person

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