The Gift Of A Smile | Poetry

It was the most beautiful thing 

I ever did see

The way he smiled

Back at me

As we strolled by one another

In the street

I felt our souls connect

So happy to meet

Two beautiful beings

Making their way

With his smile

He made my day

I felt a spring in my step

Joy radiate

His simple smile

A gift for which I give thanks

That beautiful being

Gifting his kindness

A beautiful present

To help me shine

For I took his smile

And gave it to another

Spreading happiness and joy

A world full of lovers

This poem is inspired by a wonderful being who I strolled by on a walk in nature – I love to smile at people who I meet wherever I may be, family, friends, loved ones, people who I see in the street / on walks etc. If I walk by you, the chances are I will smile at you! On this particular occasion which led to the inspiration of this poem, I walked by someone and of course, gave a little smile, he beamed right back so radiantly. A genuine smile that was just sheer joy and it really made me smile too, I felt so wonderful to see the joy from this person, it made me feel wow, how good did that guys smile make me feel? The way he smiled back at me, a gift of friendship, love, togetherness, that we had never met before but we have that respect and kindness towards one another, with a simple smile, we shared unity and I adored that. It made me want to share even more smiles with people to spread that positivity and joy, because the joy that guys smile brought me, I want to share that with others. So this inspired me to write this poem, to hopefully inspire whoever reads this to smile at people today whether you know them or not, we are all beautiful expressions of the Divine, we are all connected and it’s a beautiful thing to share that love and joy! You could just make someone’s day!

Lots of love


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  1. I LOVE this so much! Smiling at a stranger really does have a way to brighten days and make one feel positive at least for a moment. This poem I a great reminder how our actions can positively impact others. Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤


  2. The meaning behind this poem is just the loveliest thing ever. Smiling at strangers is certainly something we all need to do more, there has been some people in the past who give me a filthy look when I smile at them and I never understand it!! I absolutely love it when someone smiles at me, it genuinely brightens my day. Thank you for being such a beautiful human being!! xxx

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    1. Thank you my sweet 🥺 100%!! Smile at EVERYONE hehe! Omg that made me chuckle ‘filthy look’ that word 😂😂 so funny but so true!! I think we should totally smile at others more, but I don’t think it’s always been deemed as ‘normal’! Like it seems to be more that people keep their eyes averted when walking past others you know! Whereas we should love and acknowledge one another and spread the smiles! Love you! Xxx


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