Stardust | Poetry


I look up at the stars and I’m in awe

My heart is One with the Universe

My Spirit craving more

Then I remember

How could I forget?

That the stars reside within me

I am a part of this magick

And now I have remembered

I’ll never be the same

For I’ve become more powerful

Knowing the Stars and I are the same

We are One



I am Magick

You are Magick

This life we have is Magick

I hope todays poetry leaves you feeling powerful, magickal and like you truly can do anything your heart desires – because you can. What you want is already yours, we are the Universe, we can achieve whatever we desire, we have so much power within us to live the life of our highest self, to live our happiest lives. Go, live your best life today, believe you can achieve your greatest desires because YOU can! You are here on Mama Earth for a reason – you are meant to be here living your happiest life, your goals are your goals for a reason! Please know that you deserve to live your best, happiest life, it’s what you are here for.

Lots of love,


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