If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
Throughout life we are often presented with many wonderful opportunities whether they be in our professional life or personal life, and when these opportunities arise, it’s always a blessing. Sometimes however, rather than relying on different opportunities to present themselves to us, we have to make our own luck and put ourselves out there to make things happen. If you want something chase it.
 If you wait for an opportunity to present itself to you, you could be waiting forever and it doesn’t have to be that way. Create your own opportunities and build your own doors.
A great example of someone who has built their own doors is Tanya Burr. Back in 2015 Tanya Burr revealed her first ever Glamour cover to the world and in the editors note of the magazine it was noted that Tanya herself had actually asked to be featured in the magazine. She went after what she wanted, took matters into her own hands and respectively got what she wanted!
Tanya didn’t wait around and hope that the chance to be featured in Glamour magazine would fall into her lap, she created her own opportunity by putting herself out there and asking for the feature.
What an inspiration, Tanya, you go girl!
Such an amazing story and an excellent way to portray ‘building your own door’.
Tanya’s story could also relate to the quotes ‘no risks, no rewards’, and ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’. Pretty self explanatory really but definitely motto’s I aim to follow. Taking risks can be scary but if you don’t ever step out of your comfort zone, you may never know what you could be missing and if you don’t ever ask for something, then the answer will always be no plain and simple.
If you really want something, its up to you to go out there and get it. Forget waiting for luck to fall on your side, forget ‘lucky breaks’, make things happen for yourself. Create your own luck. Build your own doors.
Work hard, take risks, step out of your comfort zone, ask for what you want.
Take those dreams and make them all come true…


  1. Jennie you made me really re-think a Situation again. I thought there was something between me and a Boy but it’s actually nowhitng now and I don’t get his Point and actually I should be asking he what he thinks. Or I should ask to meet but yeah I too scared. But probably there won’t Change anything when I don’t do a Thing! Thank you for the lovely post it’s really motivating but, yeah it’s just.. difficult! <333


    1. Aw huh I hope you’re okay! Well whether it changes anything or not, if you ask him at least you’ll know where you stand so you can make a proper decision whether to move on or continue pursuing things. Stay positive Hun and I’m here if you need to chat xx

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  2. This really is an inspiring post! I often tell myself I have to put out the energy into universe and that by doing so, I will get what I want. It usually takes forever to hear back from the universe, and they often look like chaos is coming my way, but they’re all blessings in disguise. 🙂
    I do love how tanya just went for it. I’ll have to try that someday. 🙂


    1. Thanks Hun! You definitely do, just keep believing and being optimistic! Yes exactly, sometimes the reasons for certain things aren’t clear at the time but in the end you see they’re for the best! Oh definitely Hun, if there’s something you wanna do just go for it! xx

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  3. Oh i love the concept of this post! These motivating posts get me so hyped and ambitious! I’ve definitely learned through experience that if you want something and you want it bad enough you just have to do it, get it, or make it yourself otherwise all you’re left with is the idea of the dream. It’s just like if you want to see change then you have to change- sometime the littlest steps are the biggest steps! This was a really great read love!
    xo, JJ


    1. Thank you lovely, so true!! And to be left with just a dream is deffo not what I want at least lol. Sometimes things dont work out but if you know you’ve done eveyrthing you can to achieve your dreams you can have no regrets. And yes absolutely, you’re so right about the change thing and the littlest steps, ah very motivating!! Small steps can lead to big adventures, yes Jenny!! Thank you hun Xxx

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