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Urgh is all I can say as to how I feel right now.

So far my so called fitness journey is not going to plan. Although last week I had an amazing week, eating really healthily and exercising a lot, once the weekend hit the clean eating went out the window and Saturday, Sunday and Monday were full on cheat days. In fact to call them cheat days would be an understatement. I ate everything in my sight. No bueno.

The rest of this week I found myself back on track and I wasn’t eating so bad, I was pretty happy with how things had turned around until last night when I went out with the girls for drinks… and everyone knows after drinks comes midnight McDonalds, oops.

How cute are these cocktails though?


And today I visited my Grandparents which was so lovely, but you know it’s impossible to be healthy when you visit your Grandparents right? They fill you with dinner, desserts, sweets, crisps and cakes and by the end of the day it’s like you’ve eaten your full body weight in snacks! It’s just the Grandparents way, and how can you not love them for it???

My loves.



I now realise it’s time to seriously sort out my diet. No more cheat days!!! My Mum says it’s fine if you’re having more good days than bad and I couldn’t agree more, especially as you should never ever deprive yourself of a treat here and then but for me I feel as if I’m having more bad days than good days. I just need to flip that around which I can definitely do.

To get me focused on sticking to a diet plan, I’ve got this-


A food and exercise journal I bought way back at the start of the year and now seems the perfect time to finally start filling it out properly.

With this journal I can set myself daily goals, fruit and veg intake goals, count my calories and monitor my exercises. I will fill this out everyday and stick to my goal of 1700 calories a day maximum!

Being honest, on the days I have been good I haven’t found it a struggle to stick to my 1700kcal goal, it’s actually been really easy. It’s just the days I let go I really let go and lose all self control.

I’m determined to make a change with my diet as I really want to be healthy, eat clean and be comfortable in my body.

Here’s to next week being healthier.


Thank you all for reading,




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