My Favourite Holiday | 52 Week Blog Challenge

Hello everyone!

Today it’s 52 week blog challenge time – don’t forget to check out Jenny and Britt’s blogs as they are the inspirations behind this challenge.

The most recent 52 week blog challenge post I wrote was one of my favourites being the top 5 places I’d like to travel and I’m v. v. excited as todays prompt is again on the topic of travel – this time being My Favourite Holiday.


Be prepared because this post could get rambly as I’ve been fortunate enough to go on quite a few wonderful holidays, from America to Magaluf to Amsterdam, I couldn’t possibly pick just one favourite.

So let me talk about my top 3.

The three I mentioned above. America, Magaluf and Amsterdam.

Back when I was 15, I visited the USA with my parents and brother and we had the most adventurous time together. We explored so much as although¬†our base hotel was¬†located in Anaheim,¬†California,¬†we also road tripped to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arizona and Mexico. I¬†was blessed enough to¬†have¬†some amazing experiences¬†during those two weeks with my family with the highlights being staying in the New York, New York hotel in Vegas, seeing the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon, falling in love with Arizona and taking a helicopter ride around LA. Not forgetting either seeing the walk of fame,¬†lazing in bed watching the Disney Channel every morning eating doughnuts, playing Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez¬†albums¬†on a loop whilst we¬†road tripped and generally just having epic fun with my family. When I look back I realise just how lucky I am to have parents who took me on such a wonderful adventure and who have allowed me to see and experience so much of the world. I am so thankful for the adventures we have shared and continue to share together – ALSO this was my first and only holiday abroad with my brother, how crazy is that?? It was great to get to spend more quality time with him and I’m so happy he got to experience the USA with me.

Magaluf with the girls last year has to go down as another of my favourite holidays because it was just so much fun, with so many new experiences, laughter upon laughter¬†and parties 24/7 I wish I could go back with the girls right now.¬†Emily, Chantal and I¬†had the best time together¬†in Magaluf and we¬†made the best of memories to last a life time, every time I think about this holiday¬†I’m filled with such happiness and love for my besties. Some of the highlights of the holiday have to include ‘Freshers Night’, experiencing a Booze Cruise for the first time ever and Parasailing with Chantal.¬†For sure one¬†of the funniest memories¬†from the holiday just has to be the TOWEL THIEF. Hahaha, such good times. The girls and I are¬†thinking¬†about returning¬†to Magaluf again next year so all I can say is roll on Summer 18.

Last but by no means least has to be the city break I took to Amsterdam last year with my best friend Emily.¬†The few days we spent in Amsterdam were honestly some of the best of my life, Emily and I had such a brilliant time together and we really explored and experienced so much. Visiting the Anne Frank House was¬†by far the highlight of the trip, as it was so moving and insightful and I feel so¬†incredibly blessed that I got to visit such an important, historical place. I would¬†go again tomorrow if I could and I’d highly recommend a visit there if you’re ever in ‘Dam. God bless Anne Frank. Other highlights of the trip include visiting Madame Tussauds, having all the fun at the fair and¬†chilling in the Ice Bar which was literally so cool. Amsterdam definitely ranks high up as one of my favourite places in the world (plus they do the best Nutella waffles I’ve ever tasted) and I can’t wait to go back, I’m just so thankful I got to visit last year with my best friend and make so many wonderful memories with her! Thank you Emily for being my¬†ultimate travel buddy.

This year I have two big holidays planned and one weekend break away so I am really looking forward to those, I’m positive they could even end up surpassing the trips I mentioned above as my new favourite holidays. Time will tell…

What has been your favourite holiday so far? What trips do you have planned for this year? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. I’m so glad you liked Amsterdam. It has a special place in my heart too, haha, eventhough it is our Capital City. I’ve been to the Anne Frank House once before and I really loved it too and you’re so right about those waffles girl!! They are delicious. I’ve actually never been to the Ice Bar, but I definitely have to keep that in mind for my next trip to Amsterdam! Oh and I’m so jealous you got to go to America already. That is a dream for me! I really liked this post, have a nice (early) weekend xoxo


    1. Ah its one of my favourite places ever, you’re so blessed you live near. Oh wow that’s amazing that you’ve been too, it was incredible wasn’t it?? Omg don’t mention the waffles, I need them right now. Seriously I’ve not had one as good since. Oooh you must, it was so much fun, you’d enjoy it. Ahh where abouts in America would you most like to visit?? I hope you get to go soon hun. Thank you so much, and you xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is super incredible, I’ll actually go to Amsterdam in 2 weeks again, can’t wait! I’d love to go to NY/LA/San Fran/Orlando/Miami/Portland/Chicago/Washington/Boston?! A LOT! I can go to NY and Washington next year for my study (if I¬īm one of the 60 lucky ones) but I’m not sure yet. I’m so afraid to fly!!


  2. Girl you are so lucky you’ve traveled so much and to so many places (esp within the USA that I haven’t even been to yet!!!) Arizona and Las Vegas are HIGH up on my list….I’m trying to hint at Andrew that we need vacations there ASAP! haha And I am so certain that I NEED to go to Amsterdam if thats where theyre hoarding those yummy delicious looking waffles, OMG!!!! Need that now. But I also would love to visit the Anne Frank house, I find all that history stuff so interested and I get super fixated on it and want to know every single detail of it. Also, parasailing looks so fun! I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now and still haven’t. It’s kinda expensive here but I’m hoping that on my birthday vacation (since it’s a beachy vacation) that I’l finally get to do it! Fingers crossed lol

    xo, JJ


    1. I do feel really lucky that I’ve had parents who have taken me on so many wonderful trips and friends who travel with me. Thank you hun! Jenny get yourself there asap- and if Andrew doesn’t wanna go come join me and my friends because we are going next year!!! You would love Vegas, it’s such a lively city and every hotel is like a different world. I’m desperate to go back. Oh my God the waffles are the best I’ve ever had. So delicious, every where you look there is a cake shop! Amazing. The Anne Frank house is a must do- if you go to Amsterdam for one thing its that (and the waffles of course). It’s so incredible to actually be there- when I looked out the windows I was just thinking wow, Anne Frank was literally here in this room once looking over those same views. Unbelievable. Oh I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you hun, it’s so much fun you would love it!! Ask for a parasailing trip as your bday pressie if you can- it’s well worth it! Thank you for your comment JJ! xx


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