2018 Goals & Resolutions

Hi everyone.

Although I set myself new year’s resolutions every year, I’ve never written about them here on the blog. Since Dannii blogged about her new year’s resolutions and progress in 2017, I myself have felt inspired to do the same this year. I always love reflecting on my life and I think writing monthly blog posts reflecting on my 2018 goals progress will definitely help keep me motivated. I’m a very aspirational person so I have quite a few 2018 resolutions / goals (make that 16) so to save from too much rambling on I’m just going to share with you the top 9 on my list. I’ve chosen to share 9 because my birthday is on the 9th of January, so I think that’s the perfect number to go with.


“The Universe loves a grateful heart”. Being grateful for what we have is one of the most important things we can do in life, gratitude is the key to abundance and not only that, why shouldn’t I be thankful when I have so much to be thankful for? My aim is to list at least 5 things I am thankful for everyday and at the start of each week fill out two sides of a4 paper with a list of all the things I am grateful for. I am sure by doing this the love I have for life will only increase and I’ll continue to receive more and more blessings each day.


For years I have aspired to be fluent in speaking Spanish and I practice every now and then however it’s not something I’ve ever fully committed to, until now. Since I lived on a Spanish island for a year, and since it’s always something I’ve wanted to do I really think its about time I took learning Spanish seriously and make it a priority each week to continue learning and practicing what I already know. In order to achieve this goal I will use the language learning app Duolingo and listen to videos on youtube.


This year I really want to learn to drive and hopefully pass my test so I’m licensed to hit the road! I took driving lessons a few years ago but gave up for various reasons. This year I really want to start again and commit to driving because being able to drive is something that will definitely be beneficial to my life. I’ll have so much more freedom and I won’t have to rely on anybody for lifts because I’ll be able to get myself from A – B. There’ll be no more taxi’s (except on nights out), I can help my friends out if they need a lift anywhere, I can visit my grandparents on my days off and I’ll be able to be more spontaneous.


I am generally quite a positive person but gosh, if there’s one thing I’m also it’s an over thinker. I think it’s actually quite the skill how much I can overthink, give me a piece of pasta and I could probably find a reason to overthink about it. BUT, not anymore. The overthinking days are over, anytime I feel my mind wandering off track I am going to make a conscious effort to bring myself back to the present and trust the Universe to work everything out for me. Of course, thinking is required sometimes… but not quite to the extent I think. Ha ha. So say hello to the new and improved positive JLO who is always looking on the brightside of life. I’m excited to see where being more positive will get me!


I have a specific amount of money I’d like to have saved by the end of this year and if I’m lucky I’d like to finish the year with even more in my savings account that I’m aiming for! In order to save I’m going to think more about the things I’m spending my money on. I love shopping and most of the things I buy always add to my life in someway or another whether it’s clothing, DVDs, books or food however there’s also been times I’ve bought things and literally got no use out of them whatsoever. For example I bought a hat last year which I only wore once because I soon decided I didn’t like it. Had I have thought about this purchase a little more and maybe bothered to try the hat on before I purchased it I could have saved myself £10 and either put it in my savings or spent it on something that would have been of better value to me. I’m also going to stop spending money on so much food. I always take my lunch into work with me (thanks to my Dad who makes it for me) but 99% of the time I end up buying extra snacks to go with it which I just don’t need. Even if I just buy one extra snack a day it all adds up and that’s money which would definitely have been best of saved. Of course I’m still going to enjoy myself and treat myself here and there, but I’m not going to be wasteful.


I live quite an adventurous lifestyle and I’m often visiting different places, traveling and visiting different cities and countries. This year I really want to continue living an exciting lifestyle and go on even more amazing adventures with my family and friends.


In 2017 I really got into my fitness, joining the gym and leading a more active lifestyle. Over the Christmas period I let myself go a little which is fine, it was the season of good food and relaxing but throughout that time I often found myself thinking, gosh, I can’t wait to get back to the gym. This year I really want to live more of a fit and healthy lifestyle, making wiser decisions with my food, exercising regularly but still being sure to enjoy myself with what I’m eating too. This girls gotta have her Nandos!


Reading is such a hobby of mine and in 2016 I managed to read 20 books but last year, I only read about 13. This year I would love to top my 2016 achievement by completing 30 books, I’m currently reading Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows which I’m enjoying so much and I’ve already got a few books on my pile which I’ve yet to read, so I’ve got lots to look forward to.


Similar to ‘adventure more’ I definitely want to continue broadening my horizons and experiences by visiting somewhere new or doing something different each month whether that be visiting a new country, trying a new food, or visiting a new restaurant. There are plenty of new experiences for me to try and plenty of new places for me to visit and I want to do it alllll.

I am so excited to work towards achieving all of these goals along with the ones I haven’t shared here on the blog. I can’t believe how much I’ve written in this post, can you believe how long it would be if I’d shared with you all 16 of my resolutions? We would be here the whole year!

What are your 2018 goals and resolutions? How are you going to work towards achieving them? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,




  1. Ooohh these goals are amazing ,I really hope you smash them and do more this year
    Happy new year Jennie💕💕


  2. Aaw I’m glad I inspired you to post your resolutions on here!😊 I love the do one new thing per month. My aim in 2017 was 2 new things per month☺ Also reading more, travel and keeping fits on my list😊 xx


  3. It’s so great to read these goals! Learning Spanish sounds like a great skill to have. I’ve always wanted to learn Mandarin… but it’s one of the most difficult languages to learn! 😛
    I especially like the last goal to do something new each month – this definitely keeps life interesting.
    Good luck to you on achieving all your goals! Happy New Year! ❤


    1. Thanks Hun! Oh gosh, mandarin sounds hard but imagine how proud of yourself you’d be if you managed to achieve that goal! You can do it, I believe in you! Absolutely! Thanks Hun and the same to you! X


  4. Being grateful and more positive will definitely change your life! 🙂
    And how awesome, you could practice your Spanish with me 😉
    Traveling, getting fit and staying healthy, reading, and visiting new places are also goals/resolutions of mine. I’ve been gone from the blogging world for a bit over a week, so I haven’t gotten the chance to put up my New Year’s Resolutions, but that will be the first one to go up 🙂


    1. Absolutely, definitely a life changing resolution to stick to. Ooh do you speak Spanish?? Or should I say Hable Espanol??? Is that correct? It seems we have similar goals, we can definitely help encourage eacg other! What book are you reading at the moment? I can’t wait to read your post! x

      Liked by 1 person

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