What I Eat In A Day / Succesfully Healthy

This month I’ve decided that one of my main focuses when it comes to health and fitness simply has to be my diet. Whilst I tend to achieve when it comes to my exercise goals, I struggle a little more with my eating habits. I can’t help it, I love food! I’ll always be a chocolaholic, a cake lover, a pasta Queen buuuut the thing is as much as I love food I also really want to achieve when it comes to my diet goals so I’ve decided that a great way to help keep me motivated not to eat all the treats is by doing regular ‘What I Eat In a Day’ posts.

Today I had plans to go to the gym after work so naturally I wanted my food choices to be a little more healthier than usual with more fruits and veg to really ensure I had a proper healthy day. In the end I actually decided to stay in and chill with my family however I didn’t let that stop me from eating as healthy as I could!


For breakfast I had my favourite cereal in the world – KRAVE! Gosh, Krave is so tasty I look forward to breakfast every time I go to bed knowing I have it to look forward to in the morning. Part of me feels like I should have slightly smaller portions of this at breakfast time but I love it so much I can’t help but fill my bowl up.



For lunch I had two rounds of marmite sandwiches (two rounds because the slices of bread were tiny), a portion of grapes and a banana! That’s two portions of fruit in there so not too bad…


For dinner I had my favourite meal – Pesto pasta with bacon and sweetcorn! Yassss, even better because although I do usually like to enjoy this meal with cheese tonight I didn’t have any, making it ever so slightly healthier. I also had some vegetables on the side including broccoli and carrot which amounts to three portions of veg! All in all, this dish is totally tasty but also pretty decent when it comes to nutrition. I know pasta isn’t necesarily the best food but everything in moderation and we still have to enjoy what we eat.


I only had one snack today which is quite an achievement for me but honestly after dinner I was feeling a little full so didn’t really need a dessert. At lunch time, I had a bag of quavers because I needed something tasty to get me through the day and these crisps are okay because they’re relatively low in calories but v v high in taste quality.



Today I drank lots and lots of water which is amazing as consuming more agua was one of my main goals this month. With my dinner I had a glass of orange juice which is one of my favourite drinks to have when I’m being healthy because it’s tasty but still nutritional. With the orange juice plus the fruit / veg I had at dinner and lunch time today I’ve had 6 portions which definitely exceeds the daily reccomendation of five portions even if just by one, so all in all I’d say today has been a pretty succesful and healthy day.

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal? Do you prefer fruit or veg? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you all for reading,





  1. Oooh yass! The pasta looks delicious! And I love how you have veggies on the side 🙂
    My favorite breakfast is usually bagels with some fruit on the side, like strawberries or blueberries and OJ 🙂 LOL


    1. It was so good! Yes, I wouldn’t mix the veggies with the pasta (too fussy) but it’s definitely good to have them on the side so I still get some portions in! Oh yes I think I remember from one of your posts before, that’s such a healthy brekkie 😀 xx

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